Like a Dragon Gaiden Four Shine Mission Guide

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Like a Dragon Gaiden Four Shine Mission Guide

What's the Like a Dragon Gaiden Four Shine location? Finding the objects you are asked to photograph in Like a Dragon Gaiden may not be that simple. As we have already indicated for other missions, such as the one in which you were asked to find the Kappa, even in the Like a Dragon Gaiden Four Shine mission, you may find it difficult to find the right place to go in order to complete the mission. But don't worry; in this guide, we will explain to you in detail what you will have to do.

Where to find the Like a Dragon Gaiden Four Shine

First of all, to start this mission, you will have to go to the most northwestern part of the map, near the Kinryu Ramen shop. Here, you will see a woman with a white exclamation mark on her head. Talk to her and you will start the Like a Dragon Gaiden Four Shine mission. Now that you know where to go to start the mission, it's time to know where to go to complete it. However, this one, unlike others, such as the black car one, could be easier to complete.

The Club Four Shine, in fact, is an old acquaintance of the fans of the series; in fact, it made its appearance during the various chapters of the saga. As a result, you may already be aware of its location if you've played the previous games. However, you may struggle to remember where exactly it is or you may be new to the series, so we decided to help you find the precise location you need to go to in order to complete this mission.

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What you will have to do is head to the bottom right corner of the map and take the road that is west of Ashitaka Park. In the first open area of the area, you will see stairs that will allow you to enter the Club Four Shine, where you can meet one of the possible romances in the game, such as Kaname.

However, once you get to this location, all you have to do is take a photo of the Like a Dragon Gaiden Four Shine from the foot of the stairs. If you can't find the right position, just take out your phone and move until you see the prompt to take a photo appear on the screen. At this point, go back to the lady who gave you the mission to complete it and receive some rewards.

Like a Dragon Gaiden Four Shine

Like a Dragon Gaiden Four Shine Mission Guide
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