Lightyear Frontier Roadmap Explained

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Lightyear Frontier Roadmap Explained

Learn everything about the Lightyear Frontier Roadmap. See where FRAME BREAK's title is going next during its early access.

Lightyear Frontier is now out and is starting its early access journey throughout the start. And while the current release of the game is more than solid, fans are already hungering for more content from the space-farmin' sim.

But worry not fellow enjoyers of good vibes, we have a roadmap that roughly lays out what is still to come to FRAME BREAK's rural space adventure.

Lightyear Frontier Roadmap

Just ahead of its launch, Lightyear Frontier creator FRAME BREAK released a nebulous outline of what is to come after the Early Access goes live. If you're already deep in the weeds, most of these updates will feel sensible and just provide what we already mentioned in our first impression of the game, more content.

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After its launch, you can expect a bunch of new features as well as at least 2 more major content updates before the team goes on to plan the event. Keep in mind that as of writing, there is no official timeline yet so make sure to check out FRAME BREAK's socials as well as the game's official discord server.

First up we expect to see minor bug fixes as well as some additions to the accessibility options and a few quality-of-life updates along the way.

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Once that is out of the way, the game receives its first major update which is entirely focused on adding new content and features to the base game. A more robust system regarding the various animals you meet, which you will be able to keep at your farm at some point.

The Roadmap also promises a “Neighbor friendship system” which could either mean you can take on requests by fellow farmers or something that broadens the game's online systems.

The developers will also be taking community feedback into account and will implement smaller features that were requested by the community. So it pays off to be vocal about the additions you want to see.

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The next scheduled update will finally expand on the base game, and add a new zone that comes with new resources, animals, and upgrades as well as a new chapter for the game's story.

But that's not all, the future of Lightyear Frontier promises to be bright as the developers want to add a lot more of what is previously mentioned. We'd like to reiterate that there is no timeframe for any of this. This could be the next year or so of development or a few years. We'll of course keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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Lightyear Frontier was Released on March 19, 2024, into Early Access and is available for Xbox Series X|S and on the Xbox Game Pass as well as PC via Steam.

Lightyear Frontier Roadmap Explained
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