Lies of P Lie System Explained

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Lies of P Lie System Explained

The Lies of P lie system is a very important game mechanic for the entire game economy. It is an intricate system that has real effects on Pinocchio when we decide not to tell the truth. In fact, as we were able to see thanks to the release of the demo, in Lies of P we will have to make important choices and we have the possibility to be honest or to lie, obviously ensuring that there are different outcomes based on our choices. For this reason, we have decided to create this article in which we give you all the information we have about this interesting system so that you can be ready once you start the game.

How does the Lies of P lie system influence the story?

This is probably the question everyone is asking. We said that the lie system is an intricate and important system for the game economy of Lies of P, but how does it affect the story? This system comes into action when Pinocchio has to interact with some NPCs in the game, both those related to the main story and side missions. By giving one answer rather than another, therefore, we will literally have our destiny and our path in our hands. In fact, the choices we make will alter, to a lesser or greater extent (depending on the type of interaction), our adventure in the world of Lies of P. For this reason, therefore, we advise you to think carefully about each answer and/or choice you make, so as not to regret it in the future.

As we have said, this system comes into play when we have to make choices, perhaps while talking to the game's NPCs. These characters, however, as in any self-respecting soulslike, already have their own complex and intricate stories, which mix with those of the other characters and with the game world. For this reason, it is very probable that what lies behind the Lies of P lie system is something very big and that it will have to be well studied in order to be credible.

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Different outcomes, rewards, and possible malus

As we said, this system allows players to have different outcomes both in terms of the main story and the side missions. For this reason, precisely as a consequence of what has just been said, it is possible that players receive different rewards based on their choices and, therefore, on the outcome they have generated. It is certainly a mechanic that will stimulate the most fussy and completionists to play the game several times, in order to see what happens by making the opposite choice and what are the rewards they receive.

Although there is still nothing official about it, some speculation would like that, once Pinocchio has lied a certain number of times, the players are afflicted with some type of malus. At the moment we don't know if it will be something we will actually see implemented in the game, but it is possible that in any case, the lie system will not only have repercussions on the story and on what happens in the game, but also on the effects of the character as a bonus and malus.

Lie system events examples

Some of these events were shown to us during the demo. For example, upon reaching the Hotel Krat, Sophia, one of the NPCs in the game who represents a reimagined version of the Blue Fairy, will ask the player to lie so that Pinocchio can enter the hotel. In theory, being a puppet, Pinocchio shouldn't be able to lie but for some reason, which we still don't know and which we will surely discover once we have the full game available, Geppetto managed to make Pinocchio different from the others and therefore manages to lie. In any case, what we see as soon as we decide to lie is that Pinocchio's body is visibly shaken by our decision, a sign that it has repercussions on him.

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Another example of this system is given to us when we interact with a woman who is on Elysion Boulevard, activating her quest. Without giving you any spoilers, once we have found what the woman asked us, we will return to the woman and here we will have a small dialogue where we can choose our answers from several options. If we decide to lie and not tell the woman the truth, a lie event will unleash which will give rise to a subsequent lie event once we return to the Hotel Krat; if instead we decide to tell the truth, the woman will reward us with another object.

We wanted to quote you these first two examples just to make you understand in greater detail how important it is to give weight to each choice and/or line of dialogue in Lies of P. Choosing one answer rather than another can take us in a completely different direction and it is, therefore, important to keep this game mechanic in mind before starting your journey in the world of Lies of P. However, as mentioned above, this lie system could also be seen as a pretext to increase the replayability of the game (which is usually already high enough in games belonging to the soulslike genre), in such a way as to give players different outcomes to discover based on their choices.

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