Lego Fortnite Slap Juice: How to Make it

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Lego Fortnite Slap Juice: How to Make it

In Lego Fortnite, you will have the opportunity to collect many resources that you will need to create recipes. One of these recipes is Lego Fortnite Slap Juice, which you can create by collecting Slap Berries. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this juice, how to create it, and everything else you need. This is a very useful supply that you will surely use during your adventure in the world of Lego Fortnite.

How to Make the Lego Fortnite Slap Juice

To create the delicious Slap Juice, begin by collecting Slap Berries from the Shores. However, this task can be a bit challenging if your home is in a desert or snowy area, so get ready for some exciting exploration. As you come across these special berries, you'll likely discover plenty of seeds as well. Utilize these seeds to establish your own farm and enhance its productivity with Fertilizer and Soil.

This strategy ensures a constant supply, eliminating the need to venture far when your Slap Juice is running low. While you may stumble upon Slap Berry in Chests and Loot Llamas, depending solely on them isn't the wisest choice. It's more intelligent to maintain a reliable farm rather than rely on unpredictable encounters.

After accumulating a sufficient amount of Slap Berry, the next step is straightforward: feed two of them into a Juicer. This simple process results in a refreshing unit of Slap Juice. To build a Juicer in Lego Fortnite, gather essential materials like Plank, Knotroot Rod, and Marble Slab. These materials themselves require other tools, such as a Lumber Mill and a Stonebreaker. Ensure that these tools are set up and functioning before embarking on your Slap Juice crafting journey.

  • Juicer:
    • 8x Plank
    • 5x Knotroot Rod
    • 8x Marble Slab
  • Lumber Mill:
    • 8x Wood
    • 15x Granite
  • Stonebreaker:
    • 20x Knotroot
    • 35x Marble
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Lego Fortnite Slap Juice

Lego Fortnite Slap Juice: How to Make it
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