LEC Summer 2019: Week Two Day One Recap

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LEC Summer 2019: Week Two Day One Recap

Misfits vs Excel

MSF v XL summer19 w2d1
MSF and XL team compositions with MSF on stage. Photo via LoL Esports.

Misfits came out swinging against Excel in the first game of the day. Kirei substituted in for Maxlore on the Misfits' lineup and absolutely dominated his opponents. Because of a botched XL invade at level one, Kirei was gifted First Blood and a massive lead. From here, he killed Caedrel again, took the Rift Herald and helped his team get the First Tower bonus. Constantly on the hunt, Kirei found more picks to put his team in the lead even more. A two-for-zero team fight victory gave Misfits a strangle hold on the game, and Excel needed a miracle.

Surprisingly enough, a small one did occur. Excel collapsed on Misfits when they invaded their jungle and managed to get a large shut down bounty on Kirei and kill one of his teammates. Immediately afterwards they started the Baron, knowing it was their only chance, but Misfits' three surviving members fought them and ended up Ace'ing them. After that, Misfits easily took the Baron, and had no problems pushing into Excel's base and taking their Nexus.


Time: 24:52

Kills: 14-3

Turrets: 10-0

Gold: 51.3k-35.2k

Dragons: 2-1

Barons: 1-0

Rogue vs Vitality

RGE v VIT summer19 w2d1
The RGE squad on stage with their draft picks behind them. Note: due to the broadcast's technical issues the team compositions weren't visible until the game began. Photo via LoL Esports.

Rouge emerged victorious against Vitality, who continues to struggle and disappoint. Rogue absolutely played better than Vitality, and though Vitality showed some signs of life, they were ultimately outmatched. This clearly showed with Woolite on Sona killing Attila at only level one for First Blood. The mistakes kept coming in, with two top lane dives being turned around and won by Rogue. They constantly capitalized on Vitality's mistakes and created advantages from it.

In the mid game Vitality mounted an admirable defense around the Baron. They stalled out Rogue's attempts at it for a while, but couldn't do so forever. Eventually Rogue found three kills in a top lane engage, which gave them easy access to the Baron. In the following minutes Vitality lost all three Inhibitors. With their backs against the wall, they tried to fight one last time but were routed. Rogue slaughtered four members before smashing Vitality's Nexus.

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Time: 34:45

Kills: 13-3

Turrets: 11-3

Gold: 65.2k-54.7k

Dragons: 3-1

Barons: 1-0

Fnatic vs Origen

FNC v OG summer19 w2d1
FNC and OG team compositions with the FNC team above. Photo via LoL Esports.

In this Match of the Week and repeat of last split's Semifinal, Fnatic defeated Origen. It certainly lived up to these titles, as it was a blood bath of a game with action-packed plays from both side. Fnatic picked up First Blood in the mid lane with a three-man gank. There were kills going both ways in the top lane as well, but after those Fnatic camped mid, killing Nukeduck two more times. Eventually, they overconfidently dove a bottom lane tower to give over three kills. This, along with CS leads, gave Origen a slight gold advantage.

There were some more skirmishes, but the game blew wide open for Fnatic at 26 minutes. Here, they picked off and killed Patrik before securing an Infernal Dragon. They threatened the Baron, and though didn't get it yet, they picked up another kill. At 29 minute Fnatic returned to the Baron and this time secured the buff. Right after they chose to fight, and Ace'd the Origen members. With this opportunity, Fnatic blasted through Origen's base and destroyed their Nexus without anyone to defend.


Time: 30:36

Kills: 13-7

Turrets: 7-4

Gold: 56.5k-51.1k

Dragons: 1-2

Barons: 1-0

Splyce vs Schalke 04

SPY v S04 summer19 w2d1
SPY and S04 team compositions with the SPY squad on stage. Photo via LoL Esports.

The fourth game of the day was a long one, but in the end S04 came out on top. It was a very close, back and forth game, with exceptional team fighting from both squads. The early game was won by S04, due to Trick's ability to positively impact his lanes. Some overaggression on their part led to Splyce getting a foothold back into the game, and made their game harder to close out.

The mid game was likewise relatively even. Each team found picks and traded objectives, but the match stalled out for a while. At 26 minutes S04 obliterated Splyce in a team fight, but it didn't lead to much. The teams fought around each other and the Baron until S04 got two kills at 41 minutes and took the Baron. With it they also took the Elder Dragon and sieged bottom.

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Splyce tried to defend with an engage but lost Viziscasci in the fight. As the had the man advantage, S04 was able to take all Splyce's structures right up to their Nexus. At this final moment Splyce threw themselves at S04, and actually won the fight. Kobbe got a Triple Kill and had Upset down in his Guardian Angel. When he respawned he was immediately killed, giving Kobbe the Quadra, but crucially Upset threw one final auto attack to finish the Nexus and win the game.


Time: 45:02

Kills: 15-20

Turrets: 4-8

Gold: 80.9k-80.0k

Dragons: 2-4

Barons: 1-1

G2 Esports vs SK Gaming

G2 v SK summer19 w2d1
G2 and SK team compositions with G2 team members above. Photo via LoL Esports.

G2 Esports continue their undefeated streak with a win over SK Gaming. Despite them getting a relatively quick win, their path to SK's Nexus wasn't easy. Selfmade, on his Lee Sin, commanded the early game and set all of his team up for success. He made repeat ganks to the top side, where Sacre accumulated a large lead over Wunder. This lead gave him the ability to solo kill the MSI champion a bit later. On top of that, he set up a successful skirmish and took a Moutain Dragon right after.

But G2 quickly rebounded and capitalized on SK aggression. They turned around a top lane flank, getting two kills, then picked off Sacre in the bottom lane. After resetting and taking an Infernal Dragon, they once again chose to engage onto SK. At 24 minutes G2 Ace'd them and easily secured a Baron buff. Now that the best team in Europe had a lead, SK was doomed. G2 smashed through SK's structures in the bottom lane, killing SK members left and right as they pushed forward. In a few short moments SK Gaming was unable to defend their Nexus and saw it fall to G2, the titans of Europe.


Time: 28:35

Kills: 20-9

Turrets: 11-2

Gold: 58.6k-45.9k

Dragons: 1-2

Barons: 1-0

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Featured image via LoL Esports Flickr.

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