LEC Summer 2019: Week Six | Day Two Recap

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LEC Summer 2019: Week Six | Day Two Recap

Rogue vs Vitality

RGE v VIT summer19 w6d2
RGE and VIT team compositions with the RGE squad above.

Vitality (“VIT”) started off the day with a crazy win over Rogue (“RGE”). It was a back-and-forth match filled with throws and action. In the early game, RGE capitalized on VIT over-aggression to get a lead for themselves. When VIT dove the top lane tower, RGE collapsed and killed Mowgli for First Blood. From here, both teams roamed around the map in units to find picks and objectives of their own. RGE came out slightly ahead moving into the mid-game and looked like they were in a solid position.

Then VIT made a huge play. RGE claimed a Mountain Dragon but returned to base right after. At this moment VIT rushed the Baron, but RGE collapsed in time, and due to a missed Smite from Mowgli, RGE stole the buff and got two kills. They used the buff to take a couple of towers, but as they sieged the bottom lane, VIT bit back. At 28 minutes, they Ace'd RGE in a team fight and secured the respawned Baron Nashor. With this buff, VIT smashed through RGE's base, slaughtered their champions and finished off their Nexus.


  • Time: 32:08
  • Kills: 12-16
  • Turrets: 7-7
  • Gold: 57.7k-60.1k
  • Dragons: 3-2
  • Barons: 1-1

Excel Esports vs Misfits Gaming

XL v MSF summer19 w6d2 1
XL and MSF team compositions with the XL squad above.

Excel Esports (“XL”) took their first 2-0 weekend with a win over Misfits Gaming (“MSF”). Though MSF defeated Fnatic yesterday, they couldn't stand up to the early pressure of Expect, Caedrel and Mickey. There was a ton of action around the mid lane, and though Lider killed Mickey for First Blood, Caedrel's and Expect's frequent visits kept Lider down. This trio absolutely dominated the early game, killing MSF members left and right in their own territory. MSF tried to make moves of their own, but XL was too strong moving into the mid-game.

At 21 minutes this was especially apparent. Here, XL engaged onto MSF in their jungle and killed two of their champions. After that, they immediately turned towards Baron and secured it with ease. From here XL swiftly demolished MSF's base. Tower after tower fell, and eventually, two Inhibitors were blown up as MSF failed to defend them. The next Baron spawned as they sieged the top lane and XL took this one again with no problem. Empowered, XL quickly pushed through the top lane to take the final Inhibitor. XL engaged one last fight and killed multiple members to pave the way to their opponents' Nexus.

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  • Time: 29:55
  • Kills: 18-5
  • Turrets: 11-2
  • Gold: 58.6k-47.7k
  • Dragons: 3-0
  • Barons: 2-0

Schalke 04 vs Splyce

S04 v SPY summer19 w6d2
S04 and SPY team compositions with S04 Trick above.

In the third game of the day, Splyce (“SPY”) won an exciting match against Schalke 04 (“S04”). The victory came off of the back of Xerxe and his immaculate early game. To start, he ganked and killed Abbedagge for First Blood and set his mid laner up for success. He then visited the bottom lane and got his team two more kills. He didn't stop there though, he also went top to dive and kill Odoamne too. Next, SPY won a team fight around the Rift Herald, took the objective and used it to take the First Tower bonus in the middle lane.

SPY had a sizeable lead in the mid-game and S04 felt the pressure they were exerting. Because of this, S04 decided to rush the Baron. They had it low, but at the last second Xerxe jumped over the wall and stole it away! S04 killed three off the back end of the play, but it was worth it for SPY as they claimed the buff and destroyed a few towers. After this buff expired the teams waited for a second to spawn. It did, and after Humanoid killed Abbedagge, they had free reign to take it. At 34 minutes, SPY found picks all across the map and ended up killing four S04 members before blasting their Nexus.


  • Time: 34:45
  • Kills: 9-15
  • Turrets: 1-10
  • Gold: 58.2k-72.2k
  • Dragons: 1-2
  • Barons: 0-2

G2 Esports vs SK Gaming

G2 v SK summer19 w6d2
G2 and SK team compositions with G2 Mikyx above.

In their extremely dominant fashion, G2 Esports (“G2”) absolutely slaughtered SK Gaming (“SK”) in the fourth game of the day. Caps debuted his new Tristana mid pick, while Wunder secured the first-ever professional Annie top win. Though Sacre did kill Caps for First Blood, G2 won every lane with their sheer mechanical skill. They rotated around the map constantly and focused hard on Pirean in the mid lane, killing him multiple times. After Caps solo killed Pirean under his tower, he took the First Tower bonus while his team continued to wreak havoc.

SK had no response to the pressure G2 was placing on them. At 17 minutes, G2 went to the top lane, dove the inner tower, and used the Rift Herald to take down two towers and expose the Inhibitor. Next, they grouped in the middle lane where they fought between SK's towers for around two minutes. Eventually, they killed a couple of SK members and destroyed the Inhibitor. Most teams would back and regroup here, but G2 strolled right up to the top lane to take that Inhibitor, then did the same bottom. Still not going back to base, G2 kept fighting and killed multiple SK members before finally taking their Nexus.

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  • Time: 24:40
  • Kills: 24-6
  • Turrets: 11-0
  • Gold: 51.3k-37.4k
  • Dragons: 1-0
  • Barons: 0-0

Origen vs Fnatic

OG v FNC summer19 w6d2
OG and FNC team compositions with the FNC squad above.

The last game of the day lived up to the title of “Match of the Week,” as Fnatic (“FNC”) defeated Origen (“OG”) in a very exciting game. Both teams made moves in the early game, with Broxah ganking top to help Bwipo kill Alphari for First Blood while OG brought three members top to kill Bwipo. Broxah continued to focus the top side, while Kold shifted to the bot side to get a kill for Patrik's Draven. FNC pulled ahead, but OG found two picks in the top side of the map and instantly turned for Baron. Miraculously,  Rekkles stole the buff away and FNC won the ensuing team fight!

Now FNC was solidly in the driver's seat. With this Baron, and the next one, FNC ended up destroying all three Inhibitors. OG's backs were against the wall, but to their credit, they mounted a fantastic defense. They repelled FNC in a 33-minute team fight and stopped FNC from taking their final Nexus Tower. As such, the game stalled out for a bit until FNC turned for the Elder Dragon. OG felt they had to contest, as FNC had five dragons already, but it ended in disaster. FNC caught out multiple members and ultimately killed four. OG could only watch through grey screens as FNC demolished their Nexus.


  • Time: 40:40
  • Kills: 12-21
  • Turrets: 3-11
  • Gold: 70.5k-82.7k
  • Dragons: 1-6
  • Barons: 0-3

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Images via LoL Esports.

Featured image via LoL Esports Flickr.

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