LEC Summer 2019 Gauntlet: S04 vs Splyce Recap

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LEC Summer 2019 Gauntlet: S04 vs Splyce Recap

Game One


Splyce (“SPY”) took the lead in the series with a dominating Game One. They started the action in the mid lane. Shalke 04 (“S04”) tried for a gank, but SPY turned it around with a Nocturne ultimate for two unanswered kills. S04 responded soon after in the bot lane, using a teleport ward behind the SPY bot lane to close in for a kill. SPY continued to turn S04’s plays in the bot lane, turning a bot lane gank into a 4-2 trade. S04 dove for a kill and took the first tower in the bot lane while SPY dove the mid lane and gained another kill. SPY took two towers and the Cloud Drake while S04 only took one tower.
The building pressure erupted in the mid lane with a two for two trade.

S04 found another team fight mid, finally getting an advantage in a 2-1 trade. SPY found their next massive advantage at the Infernal Dragon. S04 started it after being split up and SPY punished for the dragon and four unanswered kills. S04 tried to start the Baron, but suffered a similar fate, losing the Baron and four more kills. S04 attempted to pick the Nocturne in the top lane with two members but lost a kill 2v1. SPY closed the game quickly after, taking the mid then bot lane before diving in for another 4-0 fight and the nexus.

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• Time: 32:19
• Kills: 10-24
• Turrets: 2-10
• Gold: 52.5k-67.3k
• Dragons: 1-2
• Barons: 0-1

Game Two


SPY closed out the second in an even more convincing fashion. The game began like the last, with S04 getting a kill in the bot lane but SPY turning it around for two in return. SPY began the Infernal Drake but pulled off when S04 tried to push them off, engaging for a 3-0 fight before returning to the Drake. SPY found a four vs three-tower dive and soon after SPY found a dive two vs one dive top, resulting in a 3-1 trade in the favor of SPY. SPY then took the first tower while S04 got a kill.
SPY took control of the map, taking four towers with little contest from S04 while still not losing any themselves. After splitting the game into a 1-4 top and bot action soon broke out. In the top side Humanoid got a solo kill while in the bot side SPY lost three for one. Coming back on the field, SPY used their Jinx to take the Baron so quickly S04 couldn’t contest. SPY soon broke through the bot inhibitor. S04 went for a pick on the Jinx, but SPY saved their Jinx and turned for a 3-1 trade and the game win.

• Time: 21:52
• Kills: 7-15
• Turrets: 0-10
• Gold: 36.4k-51.1k
• Dragons: 0-3
• Barons: 0-1

Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming MSI 2024 Grand Final - Winner Takes all

Game 3


S04 found a play in the early game and took the lead for the first time in the series with a gank in the bot lane for one kill. Another gank in the bottom lane found S04 another one kill advantage. SPY found a response with a top side 2v1 dive for one. S04 took the first tower in the bot lane. SPY dove in the mid lane, but S04 found a response and traded one for one.
The next fight came a while later, SPY attempted a tower dive, but Abbedagge stalled the dive and S04 turned the fight for a 3-1. Finding another fight in the mid lane, S04 got another kill. Turning their luck around, SPY found a 3-2 fight in the bot lane. Finally breaking the lull, S04 raced down the Baron, but SPY responded. Crushed through the S04 line up and pushed through the bottom lane until they took the series and punched their ticket to the World Championship.

• Time: 32:24
• Kills: 11-13
• Turrets: 4-8
• Gold: 57.0k-60.8k
• Dragons: 3-0
• Barons: 1-0

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