LEC Summer 2019 Finals: G2 Esports vs Fnatic Recap

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LEC Summer 2019 Finals: G2 Esports vs Fnatic Recap

Game One

G2 Esports vs Fnatic FNC Summer Finals Game One Bwipo

This is the Final everyone was waiting for. It really couldn't be anyone else on this stage besides G2 Esports (“G2”) and Fnatic (“FNC”), and they delivered an incredible first match. As expected, it was an absolute bloodbath with non-stop action during the early game. The FNC bottom lane secured First Blood in the 2v2, but it quickly unfolded into a skirmish. From here, the fights never stopped and bodies fell all across the map. Both teams were about even on kills, but crucially FNC took two towers and was ahead in gold.

It was a slight lead but FNC made it look like a big one. More fighting ensued in the mid-game, but FNC found their foothold at 22 minutes. At this point, they caught out Perkz and immediately went to the Baron to take its buff. They took a couple of inner towers and couldn't crack the base, but did find a three-for-one team fight to propel themselves further ahead. The Baron buff fell off, but thanks to two picks on G2 members, FNC secured another one. With it, FNC quickly destroyed two Inhibitors, slaughtered G2 in their base and claimed the first Nexus.


  • Time: 31:43
  • Kills: 14-23
  • Turrets: 3-10
  • Gold: 53.5k-68.1k
  • Dragons: 0-3
  • Barons: 0-2

Game Two

G2 Esports vs Fnatic FNC Summer Finals Game Two Mikyx

In Game Two, G2 clapped back with a very convincing victory. To be frank, it was quite a stomp and showcased why G2 is so highly praised. Jankos kicked it off with a clever gank on the top lane, where he got Wunder First Blood. About a minute later, Wunder used this advantage to solo kill Bwipo and really open up the lane. Broxah did answer with a successful gank onto Caps, but G2 took the Rift Herald, First Tower bonus and an Infernal Dragon to cement their lead.

Once G2 hit the mid-game, they truly came online. Now, they constantly engaged skirmishes onto the weak FNC squad and killed them over and over. FNC barely had any room to breathe and lost multiple members to G2's onslaught. To their credit, they did keep fighting to try to claw their way back into the game. But it backfired in the worst way at 23 minutes, when G2 won a mid lane team fight five-for-one and took the Baron. This allowed G2 to swiftly destroy two Inhibitors, then win a team fight at 26 minutes to kill three FNC champions and ultimately claim their Nexus.

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  • Time: 27:25
  • Kills: 21-4
  • Turrets: 10-1
  • Gold: 56.0k-41.4k
  • Dragons: 4-0
  • Barons: 1-0

Game Three

G2 Esports vs Fnatic FNC Summer Finals Game Three Rekkles

The plot thickened in Game Three in Athens as FNC won Game Three and brought G2 to match point. The action started early, with FNC invading G2's red at level one. But G2 last-hit the Red Buff and ended up killing Broxah for First Blood. But it didn't phase FNC at all. They won a skirmish in the bottom side of the map three-for-one, then another fight towards the top side two-for-one. FNC pushed this lead by knocking down all the outer towers and finding a pick onto Caps.

The FNC mid-game was slow though. After winning a 20-minute team fight, they danced around the Baron for about 10 minutes. It was a long time in the making, but eventually, they picked off Perkz and claimed the buff. Unfortunately for them, G2 killed Bwipo in the side lane and stalled FNC's siege. So they waited for another opportunity. It came to them in a drawn-out 36-minute team fight, where FNC killed four-for-two. They secured the Elder Dragon and Baron off the back of this. Empowered with these buffs, G2's base crumbled and they lost two champions before FNC blasted their Nexus.


  • Time: 41:06
  • Kills: 9-16
  • Turrets: 0-11
  • Gold: 67.0k-82.6k
  • Dragons: 3-3
  • Barons: 0-2

Game Four

G2 Esports vs Fnatic FNC Summer Finals Game Four

The fourth game continued the excitement of the series, and G2 kept themselves afloat with a clutch win. It was rough early on for them though, because FNC's bottom lane killed Mikyx in the 2v2 while FNC also killed Wunder top. But G2 pulled the lead back by diving and killing Broxah and turning around a skirmish in the bottom river to make it three-for-one. There were a ton of picks from both teams around this time, but G2 ended up finding more of them to rack up their kill count higher.

During the mid-game, G2 kept up their pick-focused strategy. At 23 minutes FNC picked off Wunder in the bottom lane but G2 picked off Nemesis in the top lane. This positioning prompted G2 to rush the Baron while FNC destroyed their bottom tower, and though they didn't get the buff, they did get two additional kills. But the buff did come to them shortly after when they picked off Rekkles in the middle lane. G2 dismantled FNC with the buff, demolishing two Inhibitors in the blink of an eye. Eventually, G2 dove straight into the base, killing multiple FNC members and their Nexus too. Cue up the Silver Scrapes!

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  • Time: 29:39
  • Kills: 5-17
  • Turrets: 3-10
  • Gold: 49.3k-59.4k
  • Dragons: 1-3
  • Barons: 0-1

Game Five

G2 Esports vs Fnatic FNC Summer Finals Game Five Jankos
Note: There were champion select issues so the graphic is incorrect. Corrections: Wunder played Akali, Caps played Renekton and Mikyx played Thresh.

FNC pushed G2 to their limits, but in the end, it was G2 with who won Game Five and hoisted the LEC trophy for the second time this year. It was all about G2, as they commanded nearly the entire game. They started off the game with a string of plays across all three lanes, where G2 killed three FNC members in total. From here, they roamed all across the map and smashed FNC whenever they crossed paths. Whether it was in skirmishes or 1v1s, G2 almost always pulled ahead.

It looked like a done deal, but to their credit, FNC made them fight for this last win. They utilized their team fighting composition well, even from a gold deficit, and managed to win a crucial team fight at 20 minutes. They immediately went to the Baron, but G2 slaughtered them in the 3v5 and killed three from FNC overall. A few towers fell, but another fantastic engage from FNC got them two kills and kept them alive. FNC was still alive, but one G2 secured their second Baron, FNC crumbled under its immense pressure and lost their final Nexus.

With these two exceptional teams representing the region in the upcoming World Championship, Europe should be proud.


  • Time: 35:32
  • Kills: 26-13
  • Turrets: 11-2
  • Gold: 71.1k-58.3k
  • Dragons: 3-1
  • Barons: 2-0

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Images via LoL Esports.

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