LEC Partners with Go Daddy and Sanquis

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LEC Partners with Go Daddy and Sanquis

Earlier today LoL Esports announced that the LEC partnered with two companies in preparation for their Spring Split Finals. The first of which is Sanquis, a blood institute that partnered with the EU LCS last year. The second is Go Daddy, a business that focuses on helping entrepreneurs get all the help they need to start their own businesses. The Finals in Rotterdam are sure to benefit from these two partnerships.

Last year, Sanquis partnered with the 2018 Summer Split Finals and held registrations for people to give blood. They were very successful, getting over 5000 people to register. This year Riot is sweetening the deal for all those who register and have their blood tested. They're giving away League's iconic hemomancer (blood mage), Vladimir, to them! This partnership is expected to have another big impact and help many more people as a result. The broadcast will also incorporate Sanquin whenever a First Blood occurs on the Rift.

The LEC's partnership with Go Daddy is less transparent. There are some unique ways that they could incorporate themselves at the event, but no details have been released. Go Daddy is a huge company with many resources, so their contribution will be significant. They will release more details about their partnership at a later date.

These announcements come shortly after Beko was announced as a partner for the Spring and Summer Splits. Along with them, LEC has partnered with a host of other companies, including Red Bull, Alienware and Foot Locker.  Their rebranding campaign appears to have been successful so far and fans are excited to see what Rotterdam has in store.

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The LEC Spring Split Finals take place on April 13 and 14 in Rotterdam. Those interested in attending the Finals can visit the official LoL Esports site for ticket information. To watch it from home, tune in right here at ESTNN TV. Stay tuned here at ESTNN and follow us on Twitter for more League of Legends news, articles, opinions and more.

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