LEC: G2 Crowned LEC Spring Split 2022 Champion, Series Recap

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LEC: G2 Crowned LEC Spring Split 2022 Champion, Series Recap

After an epic Bo5, there could be only one winner.

After weeks of LEC matches, we knew one thing for certain heading into this Grand Final. We'd either have a new LEC Champion or would G2 reclaim their crown.


Rogue v G2 Game 1

RGE G2 g1 lec

A huge first blood secured by G2, as Jankos works with caPs to gank the mid-lane. A slower start, giving the early first blood, would see a 2-2 kills scoreline at the 12-minute mark. An early team fight broke out, with kills shared between the two sides. Though, G2 came away with a gold lead due to BrokenBlade pushing towers away from his team.  G2 had extended their lead to 3k by the 22-minute mark, with Baron pressure taking hold of the game. Another major moment for G2 came as both teams fought over the Soul Drake for G2. With RGE forced to engage, they handed G2 an opening, who came away with both a Soul Drake and an ace. G2 turned the Drake into a Baron, as they started to squeeze RGE out of the game.

With Baron secured, G2 stormed into the RGE base as they looked to wrap up game one. RGE did their best, but G2 had too much firepower as they clinched Game 1.

Teams: Rogue v G2
Time: 33:56
Kills: 8-17
Turrets: 4-8
Gold: 55.2k – 63.7k
Dragons: 0-4
Barons: 0-1

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Rogue v G2 Game 2

RGE G2 g2 lec

It's another first blood for G2. If the series against Fnatic is to go by, this will only end one way. RGE managed to find a way back soon after, even securing an 800g lead. G2 quickly swung back, securing two kills and taking back a small gold lead. As Baron spawned, G2 secured their third Drake. Setting up the same win condition from Game 1 as RGE struggle to find a foothold. Despite the 5 kill advantage, RGE had remained close in gold to G2. The Soul Drake fight once again went the way of G2, as RGE had no way to answer the pressure. G2 secured the Drake and picked up an ace for their trouble. 

RGE tried to force the issue around Baron, but once again G2 came out on top. Right after, RGE made one last effort to win the game but G2 aced them and claimed a Game 2 victory. G2 moved to match point, with RGE having a lot of work to do.

Teams: Rogue v G2
Time: 23:37
Kills: 5-21
Turrets: 4-7
Gold: 55.4k – 63.1k
Dragons: 0-4
Barons: 0-1


G2 v Rogue Game 3

RGE G2 g3 lec

Game 3 and RGE finally found a way to get ahead early. Picking up first blood at level 1. RGE took that lead and pulled ahead further, claiming three more kills as they took a 1.5k lead. A scrappy Game 3, had seen RGE take a sizable lead with a 3k advantage at the 16-minute mark. A disaster fight around Drake looked to be going RGE's way before G2 counter RGE's over aggression. A huge 5v5 fight broke out in the top lane, and while it started well for RGE it quickly fell apart with G2 claiming three kills to one. With that win, G2 secured Baron as Game 3 is flipped on its head. RGE's lead was wiped out as G2 began to snowball into the lead with a 4k advantage. The nerves were clearly starting to take hold, with Baron spawning, however, RGE looked to make a play to secure it.

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RGE desperately tried to keep the game alive, with G2 forcing a fight onto the Baron. With Baron, G2 forced a play on the top-side, however, a 1-for-1 trade meant RGE held on a little longer. G2 came back to the RGE base, breaking down the final inhibitor, RGE's best was left completely exposed with Baron back on the map just a minute later. With Baron G2 were able to take it all and claim yet another LEC victory.

Teams: G2 v Rogue
Time: 38:40
Kills: 25-14
Turrets: 10-3
Gold: 71.6k – 65.1k
Dragons: 3-2
Barons: 3-0

LEC: G2 Crowned LEC Spring Split 2022 Champion, Series Recap
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