LEC and LCS Both Cease Audience Attendance

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LEC and LCS Both Cease Audience Attendance

Both the LEC & LCS will suspend audience attendance due to the coronavirus.

With the rapid global spread of the virus, both the LEC & LCS have decided to remove audience attendance from live events. The move will also see press and tailgates stopped during this time. With just teams and talent in attendance.

In the LEC, Origen, who is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, will play matches online this weekend as they’re not permitted to travel due to Denmark’s lockdown. The league has decided to also extend this decision to the Spring Finals which will also now go ahead without an audience.

Over in the LCS, much like in Europe no press or fans will be in attendance. Though Riot Games continues to monitor the situation as it prepares for the LCS Spring Finals in Frisco, Texas. Riot expects to make an announcement either way by March 20th with the event moved to the LCS studio in the worst case.

More Bad News for League of Legends

Riot Games has also confirmed last week that The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) will be delayed until July 3-19. The event usually takes place in March once all regions have ended their Spring Splits.

The news also meant the cancelation of Rift Rivals and the delayed start of all regions Summer Split. MSI now taking place during the Summer Split rather than before it’s started.

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The news comes as WHO (World Health Organization) declared the COVID-19 a pandemic. Riot Games has taken this action as a result of the continued fear around the outbreak.

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LEC and LCS Both Cease Audience Attendance
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