LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Playoffs – Nobody Dethrones the Kings

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LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Playoffs – Nobody Dethrones the Kings

The season has ended, which means that this is the final LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist – how did our teams fare after the 6 weeks?

Last Sunday the first LEC split of 2024 ended with none other than G2 Esports lifting the Shield of the League. After 6 weeks of intense action, we now have a clear picture of which teams are the best and which teams struggled in the Winter Split – as well as the first LEC MSI representative.

Some orgs have already started to make changes to their roster, while others should really swap some players. But first, let’s take a look at how the Tierlist changed, with all of our teams included and all of their achievements taken into account.

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Playoffs

  1. Rogue (-1)

Last time we saw Rogue was after the end of the regular season, when they got eliminated from the competition. They still managed to fall down a spot as in retrospect, they were the most uninteresting and stale team in the Winter Split, failing to rise to a single occasion. They also lost their last two games, ending their season in a loss streak.

They are on the right track as they were the first team to announce a change, swapping toplaner Szygenda for returning hotshot Finn. While Finn should revitalize the team and bring some chaos with his Kled, the rest of Rogue still looks rough – we’ll see how they’ll fare in Spring!

  1. Karmine Corp (+1)

Karmine Corp won their last two games in the split – which were their only two victories in the entirety of Winter. While the team had glaring issues, it had some highlights in Bo and sometimes Cabochard, who was the only member willing to play around his jungler.

KC only made one change so far, and it wasn’t the member they should’ve swapped: they got rid of their coach, YamatoCannon but kept all their players – yes, even their botlane. Hopefully, KC has some plans for Spring, because if they try another season with this lineup, they will find the same amount of success as in Winter.

  1. Team Heretics (-1)

While Team Heretics scored a victory in the Playoffs, they were the most underwhelming team in the Winter Split, even though KC and Rogue didn’t make it past the first half. With a star-studded roster, they were 8th in the regular season then got knocked out immediately.

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What’s worse is that Perkz, who was hailed as the GOAT of the West before looked like one of the worst players in the league. Heretics have already swapped out Kaiser for Trymbi, who did wonders for Fnatic before last Summer, but we’re afraid that a new shotcaller might not be enough to counterbalance burnt out veterans.

  1. GIANTX (+1)

GIANTX is in the same boat as Karmine Corp, at least regarding the ESTNN Tierlist. Even though they got blown out of the water 0-4 in the Playoffs with the shortest loss in the entire Winter Split, they outdid the expectations the community had.

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Playoffs

The bigger issue is that they haven’t swapped any players yet, and while Kaas will be the team’s head coach in Spring, a bigger swap could’ve been beneficial for the team.

  1. Team Vitality (0)

Team Vitality stayed at 6th place, which is not a bad thing. After a rough start to the season, they managed to bounce back on several different occasions. They also demolished SK Gaming in the first round of the Playoofs, but couldn’t score a win against neither Team BDS nor MAD Lions KOI. Considering that the latter teams came in 3rd and 2nd, that’s not a bad run at all.

Team Vitality is hindered by inconsistencies, mainly because of Hylissang. While The Professor is one of the biggest names in the EMEA pro scene, he cost multiple games for his team. Hopefully he comes to his senses in Spring, because if he doesn’t, he might not have a team for Summer.

  1. SK Gaming (0)

SK Gaming managed to surprise everyone again after their 3-0 week by almost knocking out Fnatic in the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs. Sadly, Irrelevant couldn’t carry the rest of his team, even though he was a 1v9 machine in almost all the games SK played in the second half of the split.

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Playoffs

SK Gaming is what we’d called an uncut gem: they have some incredible rookies and a veteran to keep them in check, but they tend to make “dumb” mistakes in drafts and on the Rift. They sometimes also forget to play for their strengths, like putting Isma on Rell 3 times in a row even though he showed prowess on more proactive teams. While SK fell hard after Winter last year, they might ramp up this year instead!

  1. Team BDS (-2)

Failing to realize their victory again, Team BDS is the biggest loser of the Tierlist and the Winter LEC among the 10 teams. Due to some behavioral difficulties, Adam was not allowed to play in the Lower Bracket Final, and while JNX was more than capable as a toplaner, Team BDS still lost to MAD Lions KOI, who they beat in the regular season.

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BDS came a long way as an organization and even in the Winter Split, but there are some tears in the team if the reports hold true. If they can iron those out, they should get a Shield this year, as they are better than ever before – but they need to hold it together outside of the studio as well.

  1. Fnatic (+1)

Fnatic had a good run in the Playoffs, but they seemed to have been pushed down to the 3rd best team in the League from their long standing 2nd place. Noah showed that Ezreal works (he just can’t win), Jun slotted into the team nicely, and the topside of the squad was also great.

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Playoffs

What Fnatic seems to miss is impact as they tend to take a passive role in the matches where Razork can’t get ahead. If they can nominate a player to lead their charges, they could become a true contender again.

  1. MAD Lions KOI (+1)

MDK was THE biggest surprise of the Winter Split. Every analyst and expert put them in the lowest ends of their tierlists and power rankings due to fielding 4 rookies with Elyoya, but everyone turned out to be wrong.

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Playoffs

While MAD Lions KOI didn’t play perfect, they showed that they can manage chaos and control as well. With unique picks and fast matches, they turned out to be the most interesting and entertaining team of the split, while also making it to the Grand Finals of the Winter LEC. Hopefully we can see more of the young players, as well as just how high can they go?

  1. G2 Esports (0)

But still, nobody dethrones the Kings. G2 Esports was the only team that didn’t make any changes before the start of the 2024 LEC Season, and for good reason. While they had some bumps in the road, they got to the Grand Finals through the Upper Bracket, and didn’t need all 5 games to beat MAD Lions KOI.

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Playoffs

They are the LEC’s first international representatives – hopefully, unlike last year, they can deliver this time around.

With the 2024 LEC Winter Split ending, the Tierlist comes to a halt as well – expect our return before the Spring Split, which begins on March 9th!

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Playoffs – Nobody Dethrones the Kings
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