LEC 2024 Spring Tierlist Before Playoffs – Is G2 in Trouble?

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LEC 2024 Spring Tierlist Before Playoffs – Is G2 in Trouble?

The regular season is over, so it’s time we took a look at the competition of the LEC in the LEC 2024 Spring Tierlist.

The first half of the LEC Spring Split officially ended on this Monday! 2 teams, Rogue and Karmine Corp said goodbye – again, as they were the ones to drop after the Winter Regular split too. However, there’s still 8 teams in the competition, so let’s look at all 10 teams to try and rank them.

LEC 2024 Spring Tierlist Before Playoffs

  1. Karmine Corp

Even though Karmine Corp had more highlights than in the Winter Split, they were still the weakest of the bunch. Their SoloQ-esque playstyle didn’t change much from the last season, and they still looked lost in most their matches. While they had more good ideas, it was still all about Bo to carry the team, and he was not good enough. Turns out Yamato was not at fault, and Karmine Corp needs to rebuild if they don’t want to come last in the Summer.

  1. Rogue

The other team which was knocked out before the Playoffs, Rogue also felt lackluster in the entirety of Spring. Even though Finn was much better than Szygenda, Rogue was still a team without any sense of identity. They brought in their new (or returning, rather) toplaner to shake things up, then proceeded do just play for scaling – and be bad even in that. Rogue also needs to make some changes before the LEC gets back after the MSI, and we think it’s time to look at the more veteran players.

LEC 2024 Spring Tierlist

  1. SK Gaming

They were all the buzz right at the start of the season, but SK Gaming fell hard in the Spring split. Exakick and Doss were coinflippy in the previous season, but the coin landed on it’s wrong side more times than not. Isma slowed down as well, while Nisqy and Irrelevant weren’t as impeccable as they were. After a tight tiebreaker with Rogue, they got into the Playoffs, but are hanging in the season by a thread.

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LEC 2024 Spring Tierlist


Even though GIANTX managed to 3-0 in Week 3, they are still a one-dimensional team. They struggled in the first 2 rounds of Spring, then found an incredibly clean way of playing – which helped them beat the top of the middle teams like Team Vitality and Team Heretics. However, their opponents have time to prepare for them in the. The question remains that can Odoamne and co play calm and collected throughout the Playoffs, or will they fall into the same mistakes as last time?

  1. MAD Lions KOI

MDK is the opposite of GIANTX, as they a get the benefit of the doubt after their Winter performance. They were also shaky in the first 2 weeks, but they managed to bounce back against Team BDS and Fnatic (who got 1st in the regular season). Supa awakened with a Pentakill while the rest of the squad also looked strong. Additionally, MAD Lions KOI can switch their style up in each match which gives them an edge over other teams.

LEC 2024 Spring Tierlist

  1. Team BDS

The Swiss squad had a rocky start to Spring with a scoreline of 1-2 after Week 1. However, they managed to find their footing and take important games – during Week 3, they defeated Fnatic. However, they also only have 1 style, which is following the meta with the twist of Adam. That either works out or it doesn’t, but they have more experience than GIANTX for example, and they are also capable of surprising their opposition. Ice has also slotted into the team quite nicely, slowly working himself up to be one of the best marksmen of the region.

  1. Team Heretics

Team Heretics had a chance to win the regular season, they only needed to beat GIANTX on the last day – but they couldn’t do it even after a 2-0 streak. While the team still has some shortcomings, Trymbi and especially Zwyroo helped TH immensely. Zwyroo is willing to play what the team needs and gives room to the veterans of the LEC, while the Polish support is the shotcaller Heretics always needed. Sometimes things just don’t work out, but they are much more stable then in the Winter, and can go a longer way in the Playoffs.

  1. Team Vitality

Who knew that if Hylissang stops inting, Team Vitality is actually a decent team? (Everyone, basically). The French squad couldn’t get a flawless week in the regular season, but they only lost to SK Gaming, Fnatic and GIANTX – yes, they beat G2 Esports. Vizicsacsi joining as a positional coach really helped Photon’s laning, Carzzy is THE best ADC currently, and Daglas has been more and more impactful for his team. Team Vitality still needs to iron out some issues like getting stomped in the early game, but with a bit more stability, they can go a long way.

  1. G2 Esports

And LEC Tierlist and G2 Esports is not in the number one spot?! It can happen if the Kings of Europe manage to bomb 2 matches in the last week – one against Rogue, who got eliminated later on. G2 still has the best teamfighting in the league and they have the most stable players, but sometimes, Caps can fall short even though he is the best midlaner in the league. The same can be said for Yike, but he’s not the best jungler of the LEC yet. Still, G2 Esports has some of the most skilled players individually, and their teamwork might be one of the best, so they still have a clear shot at making it to the finals again.

  1. Fnatic

But the No.1 spot goes to Fnatic this time around. The two “weaker” members of the team, Oscarinin and Noah have come a long way since Winter, while Jun, Humanoid and Razork are in top form. While the players themselves admitted that they need to fix mistakes – and most importantly, get bigger champion pools – they are one of the most oppressive teams thanks to their jungler. Fnatic won the regular season after years again, and they are definitely aiming for that MSI spot.

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LEC 2024 Spring Tierlist

The 2024 LEC Spring Split is incredibly exciting with the best teams competing for the Shield. The Playoffs will start with the Bo3’s on Saturday, with Team Vitality and SK Gaming clashing and 17:00 CET, while Fnatic will face GIANTX at 20:00 – don’t miss the first matches of the second half of the season!

LEC 2024 Spring Tierlist Before Playoffs – Is G2 in Trouble?
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