LEC 2023 Spring Split Wraps With Explosive Dynasty Win

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LEC 2023 Spring Split Wraps With Explosive Dynasty Win


Team Dynasty bagged a forceful win against Team Legacy in the LEC's best-of-three Kickoff Event matches.

With the LCS's hotblooded zoomers taking their hard-won victory from yesterday's best-of-three (bo3) matches, more pro esports leagues from all over the world took the stage for the final day of 2023's Kickoff event.

The LEC were heartily welcomed by their peers as the two teams that rose to the Rift reflected yesterday's feel. Team Legacy and Team Dynasty duked it out in a fantastic show that all of the fans enjoyed.

The original ruling format for the special competition remained untouched. One member from each of the ten teams of a specific league were chosen to form two teams that struggled for the win. Champion picks as well as team drafts couldn't be done more than once, players in a team switched roles after every win and bans remained disabled.

The day also gave way to friendly competitions to some of the biggest organizations in the esports scene. LJL, LPL, PCS, LEC and the LLA took the crowd on a wild ride from start to finish.

This article covers all the significant highlights from Day 2 of LoL Esports' 2023 Kickoff Event. Check out our Day 1 coverage here.

The “veterans vs. newcomers” tradition continued for this year's kickoff event, as it did for previous match-ups. Whereas yesterday's games had a more casual vibe, the tone of these bo3 matches were reminiscent of the LEC's performance in last year's Groups stage. The message that they sent was clear; the LEC representatives were here to seriously showcase their strength as a global league. But that's not to say they didn't find time for a laugh here and there. Here are the EU teams that fought in the 2023 Kickoff showmatches.

  • Team Legacy
    • Luka “Perkz” Perković (Mid laner/Vitality)
    • Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu (Top laner/Excel)
    • Martin “Yike” Sundelin (Jungler/G2)
    • Théo “Sheo” Borile (Jungler/BDS)
    • Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov (Support/MAD)
  • Team Dynasty
    • Martin “Rekkles” Larsson (Bot laner/FNATIC)
    • Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus (Support/KOI)
    • Thomas “Exakick” Foucou (Bot laner/SK Gaming)
    • Shunsuke “Evi” Murase (Top laner/Team Heretics)
    • Doğukan “113” Balcı (Jungler/Astralis)

The LEC slamfest kicked off with everyone rooting for their respective favorites. The day gave way to exciting plays that were extremely fun to spectate, especially given the close 55%-45% split in Twitch chat's vote on which team would come out on top.

Exakick's daring Aatrox gameplay and aggressive roam in Game 1 had Team Legacy stumbling to close the score gap. Despite the enemy Varus dogging their severely disadvantaged bot lane, the experience from Legacy shined when Sheo pulled a quick kill under their turret. While Hylissang intelligently picked off a turrent to take Dynasty's focus off of their broken midlane, stronger macroplay combined with aggressive roams from Exakick resulted in an insurmountable 10-kill lead that decided the game.

Game 2 and 3 unfortunately followed the same pattern despite a win for “Team LEG” in the second match. Controlling Team Dynasty's powerful gold lead became the primary objective well into the midgame. And despite Rekkles having closed the kill gap with fast Janna plays, Team Dynasty's objective lead frenzy just couldn't be stopped.

Jackeylove and Theshy Dominate the LPL's Bo1 Games

Participating in their very own format to accommodate the larger player pool, the games for the Chinese league took the form of 2 best-of-1 matches among 20 players. Unlike yesterday's slugfest, the LPL teams had few more shenanigans.

The first match held crazy team clashes in the first few minutes, giving the audience in Shanghai a mixed bag of smart plays and absolute whacky-ness. Team Make It Possible's macroplay and better meta comp won game 1 in the 2023 Kickoff event. Despite Team Remember Our Name's defeat in the first round, Tarzan scored an impressive number of assists and bagged the first MVP title.

Through tense back-and-forths and game-deciding teamfights in bottom side jungle, notable names in the LPL slugged through the Split 1 preliminaries and landed the best of the best on the 3rd and final game. With the most memorable plays coming from 369's Cho'gath, Theshy's Teemo, and Jackeylove's strong botlane control, fans around the globe have plenty to expect in future tournaments to come.

LEC 2023 Spring Split Wraps With Explosive Dynasty Win
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