Ibriz Daya
Ibriz Daya
Ibriz is a seasoned League of Legends (LoL), Colour Caster & Analyst. He has traveled the world, giving his expert analysis on LoL esports events at all levels of competition. Ibriz has also been an esports journalist for over three years. You can learn more about Ibriz on our About page.

League of Legends Worlds 2018: A Fiesta of Firsts

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2018. What a year for League of Legends – emerging strategies, top lane champion reworks, a faster metagame… Season 8 has been a fiesta of firsts, and the World Championship has been no exception.

The first time North America has seen the semifinals of a League of Legends World Championship since Season 1.

The first time that not all of the Korean teams have made it out of the group stages.

The first time a Korean team hasn’t made the semifinals – or finals, for that matter – since they became eligible to do so in Season 2.

The first time a European team has made it past the semifinals since Season 1.

The first time China has made it past the semifinals since Season 4.

The first time we will have a non-Korean World Champion since Season 2, when the Taipei Assassins upset Azubu Frost.

The first time Fnatic have a real chance to stake another claim for a throne that hasn’t been theirs for what feels like an eternity – seeing the finals for the first time since their victory in “Phreak’s basement” in Season 1.

Tomorrow, history will be made. Regardless of who wins out of Fnatic and Invictus Gaming, we will all have something to be proud of tomorrow – even if this tournament is testament to the fact that results may not always be as you expect.

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