League of Legends: The Mid Season Invitational | G2 Esports Overview

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League of Legends: The Mid Season Invitational | G2 Esports Overview

G2 Esports was a dominating force through the duration of the LEC. They, in the end, went 6-0 against Origen including setting a new record for fastest game in the LEC (also including EU LCS) and proving that they were the superior team in the region. Some fans and even analysts have given arguments that G2 is a top two team. The arguments do exist, but it feels difficult to judge all of the regions until we see them play on Friday. One of the big question marks of the team is the uncertainty of Mikyx's health, as we know he suffered a wrist injury that has caused him not to train for long periods of time. It was announced on Thursday via G2 Grabbz that Mikyx had been clear to play by medical staff.


Top Lane: Wunder

In terms of western players, Wunder has been in everyone's radar as one of the best top laners and dare I say maybe even solo laners. This time around he will have another international performance to show his dominance over other regions. One of the big matchups we will have the pleasure to see is the rematch between him and TheShy. That will not be the only time we will have our eyes glued to the top lane, as there are some amazing players in the MSI group stage. One of the things that makes Wunder such a great top laner is his ability to flex champions such as Ryze, Aatrox, and others with Caps.

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Jungle: Jankos

This seems to be the year that players across the world won their first ever domestic title. Jankos is part of this list, and he was always solid doing so. Regardless this might be one of the weak points due to the high level of play from the rest of the teams. Jankos had moments where he showed weaknesses against other junglers in the LEC. This could be worrisome for western fans, but he does have the benefit of having strong lanes that could facilitate some of the jungling in the early part of the game. Jankos was also one of the great Karthus jungle players that van draw bans and potentially be a headache for teams that let it through.


Mid Lane: Caps

Caps needs little to no introduction as one of the best players, if not the best, in the west he comes to seek vengeance for his second place finish in last year's worlds. He is also looking to face Faker for the first time in a competitive tournament and put a stamp on the title of one of the best mid lane players in the world. Caps has a sour taste in his mouth after he failed to bring Europe their first title since season one. Caps had a controversial move in the offseason to help make Europe's newest superteam a reality.

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ADC: Perkz

Perkz was one of the best mid laners in Europe, but his thrive to conqueror the world title saw him go down to the AD Carry role. A role many thought he was going to struggle with against players such as Rekkles and Upset. Still, Perkz was able to bring his own unique flair to the game playing not just ADCs but also many mages at such a level that made G2 unpredictable during their LEC run. It is hard to say when he encounters the best bot lane players in the world, but it should be a great measurement to see if G2 can compete against the best of the best.


Support: Mikyx

Mikyx is the player that completes the package for G2. unfortunately, Mikyx's wrist injury led him to have less time to commit to practice leading up to MSI. The team announced that the medical staff had cleared him to play and practice with the team, meaning we should see the strongest version of the squad play throughout all the tournament. That is, of course, as long as his wrist injury does not flare up again. G2 have Promisq in case of an emergency the main issue is the fact that Perkz transitioned to bot lane with Mikyx by his side, this makes it more difficult to have that innate synergy with someone else.

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