League of Legends: The Mid Season Invitational | Flash Wolves Overview

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League of Legends: The Mid Season Invitational | Flash Wolves Overview

Flash Wolves should be a household name for people that are longtime viewers of professional League of Legends. Many know the Flash Wolves as the famous ‘Korean Killers', The team that has always been a thorn in the side of SKT and other top Korean teams. Regardless of what you remember from the Flash Wolves, this is a squad that will have to prove themselves as many of the old members have left the LMS and have left big shoes to fill. The LMS giants will have their work cut out for them as they face-off against the other major regions in the main tournament starting May 10th.

Top Lane: Hanabi

Hanabi joined the Flash Wolves back in late 2017 and took over the Top Lane from MMD. Now with one year of experience in the Flash Wolves lineup, he looks to carry his new members to new heights. During their Knockout Series, he proved to be near unstoppable with a mix of champion picks. When people look at the LMS, they see teams that have failed to prove themselves in the last few years. Hanabi will be looking to destroy the low expectations against a stacked top lane pool of players.

Jungle: Bugi

Next up we have Bugi, the Korean import, that replaced Moojin who was unable to fill the shoes left by Karsa. Bugi joined the Flash Wolves at the end of 2018, joining from Machi E-sports from the LMS. He previously played in the LJLCS but failed to help the team promote to the LJL for two consecutive splits. Bugi had a good showing when facing Vega Squadron and was vital in helping the team transition their early game leads into full-blown game dominance. The big question mark will be if Bugi can really handle facing the rest of the world's top junglers. If the Flash Wolves want to achieve their consistent Semi-Final appearances, then Bugi will have to put up a strong showing.

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Mid Lane: Rather

Fans might not be familiar with Rather, even though he has been part of Griffin for the past few years. While Griffin performed admirably during the regular season, it was clear that Rather was not going to be dethroning Chovy at any point soon. Due to this, Griffin happily loaned him out to the Flash Wolves, a move that turned out to be favorable as he will attend MSI, while Griffin has yet to be able to make it into their first International tournament. Rather has played a whole ocean of champions and will have the added benefit of being able to play different styles that could give the team the edge going into pick and ban. Rather has had the luxury to replace long-standing member Maple, after he left the team for the LPL team Suning Gaming.

Bottom Lane: Betty

Betty is the most senior player in the LMS representatives, and during their qualifiers proved just how dominant he could be. He will have to put in a lot of work if he wants to be in contention as one of the best, with names such as Teddy, DoubleLift, and JackeyLove, it will not be easy to stand out. Betty does have the added stress of being the veteran and having to carry the weight alongside Hanabi, to make sure people take the LMS serious once again. Betty also has had to deal with life without SwordArt and has still been able to find success in the LMS, with new support ShiauC.

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Support: ShiauC

ShiauC had originally joined the team in December of 2017 after being discovered in the Taiwanese Solo Q Server. Since then he was a sub for SwordArt. This will be ShiauC's first international tournament, however, as international tournament rules only allow for a team to have one substitute in the tournament, and the Flash Wolves usually brought Hanabi and MMD. While ShiauC might have big shoes to fill, he had the luxury of learning from SwordArt for a whole year. SwordArt's teachings are valuable for any player attempting to replace such a widely known player. Betty is also a player that has helped ShiauC tremendously due to having played with both supports as well. It is clear that this bot lane will want to challenge bot lanes from the rest of the world.

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