League of Legends: The LCK Week 5 Day 4 Recap

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League of Legends: The LCK Week 5 Day 4 Recap

The second round in the LCK is strongly underway after two days of action. The end of the first round brought story-book levels of redemption, as struggling veteran teams finally started to get going. That same enthusiasm carried into Day 4’s matches.

Kingzone Dragon X vs. SANDBOX Gaming

Game One

After their victory earlier this week against Jin Air, Kingzone seems to be on the up-and-up. The opening moments of the game were all in their favor. Deft once again piloted the Xayah, which is quickly becoming a signature pick for the bottom laner. Despite the early kill advantage Kingzone built, SANDBOX was still able to take the macro lead. They secured an early pair of infernal drakes and looked set to bide their time for the late game.

For their part, SANDBOX was uncharacteristically passive, choosing to focus on macro moves rather than looking for picks that could get them back in the game. SANDBOX’s focus on macro allowed them to draw out the game for quite a while, and they were nearly able to do so with a fight at the second elder drake. Deft and PawN were able to even out the fight in the end and consequently allowed Kingzone to secure baron as well. All of the buffs and a broken base were too much for SANDBOX to defend as their nexus fell after 51 minutes.

Game Two

Kingzone continued to put their best forward with their new-found form. Cuzz scored first blood as J4 in the 5th minute, and the rest of his team were equally as decisive throughout. Deft got to play Ezreal, a remarkably strange decision by SANDBOX, and he went to work disrupting the red team. On the other side, SANDBOX was powerless to stop Kingzone’s onslaught. The red side’s one good moment came from a mental misstep in the 17th minute as they found three kills. Kingzone quickly recovered and would push hard for the win. They killed SANDBOX’s nexus in almost have the time of game one.

Gen G vs. Jin Air Greenwings

Game One

The “battle of the bottom” began positively for Jin Air. They were able to secure first blood, but their macro was lacking, and Gen G was able to build a lead by simply out farming Jin Air. In contrast to their normal behavior, Jin Air got some things done on the map: they took both lane turrets in mid the help of Shelly. Despite Jin Air’s best efforts, that was the extent of their success. The rest of the game belonged to Gen G. As blue team secured the baron, the end of the game was signaled. Jin Air was too far behind and chose to act at the wrong times. Gen G broke the nexus at 28:06, an uncharacteristically quick game for both teams.

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Game Two

The second game of the series was an absolute snooze fest. Jin Air once again scored one kill, but their macro looked slightly better. Gen G tallied only five kills themselves. It seemed like both teams were content to tiptoe around, and any skirmishes that did breakout quickly ended as the combatants walked away. An anticlimactic game finished in exciting fashion as Gen G marched through Jin Air’s base with baron-buffed minions and put another one in the loss column for the Greenwings. It was a quiet series, but a clean one for Gen G.

The LCK's Old Guard Rises

It looks as though both Gen G and Kingzone have finally awoken from their shared slumber. While they played opposite styles in their Day 4 matches, both teams looked much better than they did during the first four weeks. For SANDBOX, the initial feelings aren’t good. Their loss to Kingzone was the second this week, a trend that will be worrying for the LCK rookies. It looks like round two is going to be the round of the veterans, a storyline that not even the best novelists could produce.

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