League of Legends: Team Vitality Sign Milica, Comp and Promote Acadamy Player Skeanz

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League of Legends: Team Vitality Sign Milica, Comp and Promote Acadamy Player Skeanz

Esportmaníacos has reported that Team Vitality has completed their LEC roster for 2020 after signing Vodafone Giants mid laner Aljoša “Milica” Kovandžić and former LDLC AD carry Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos and promoting Academy jungler Duncan “Skeanz” Marquet.

Vitality will retain Lucas “Cabochard” Simon-Meslet and support Jakub “Jactroll” Skurzyński to complete their 2020 roster with a few months to spare before the new season starts.

Skeanz was part of the Vitality B side that ended the LFL Summer split in second place which qualified them for European Masters 2019. Sadly, the team was beaten early on by BIG and would later lose in the French regional tournament Underdogs 2019 ending join 5th.

Mid laner Milica joins from Vodafone Giants, his fellow jungler & support ván “Razork” Martín Díaz & support Petr “denyk” Haramach respectively also joined the LEC this summer as they joined Misfits Gaming.

Lastly, AD carry Comp who joins Vitality off the back of winning the 2019 LFL title after beating Misfits Premier 3-1. Comp’s LDL side was also a part of the European Masters and was also knocked out by BIG. Comp was part of the team that beat Vitality’s B team 3-0 in the LFL Playoffs final.

These changes will mean Team Vitality heads into the 2020 LEC with the following roster:

Top – Cabochard

Jungler – Skeanz

Mid – Milica

ADC – Comp

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Support – Jactroll

Team Vitality is again going with youth and potential over making sweeping big-money signings in an attempt to challenge for the title. Vitality will now head into the 2020 LEC with a roster full of potential.