League of Legends: Team Liquid Welcomes Jatt as Head Coach

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League of Legends: Team Liquid Welcomes Jatt as Head Coach

Jatt is taking another step in his League of Legends career.

Joshua “Jatt” Leesman is officially joining the LCS' Team Liquid as Head Coach. The organization welcomed him on Twitter today where, in the video, Jatt explained the move and his expectations for the future. Many know him as a caster for the LCS broadcasts, but he was also a pro player at the beginning of his time in LoL. In addition, Jatt has played a part in the balance team for a time.

Despite having a rough Spring Split, Team Liquid has a star-studded roster, even without Doublelift. They have players with great international success and a fantastic domestic record in recent years. In the video, Jatt was confident about taking up the mantle of Head Coach for the storied organization, which is justified due to his many years of experience in the scene.

This Summer Split will, hopefully, be on of redemption for Team Liquid. Jatt is coming in with high expectations and a team-oriented mindset to help the struggling squad find an identity and regain their former success. Jatt's job certainly won't be an easy one, but regardless, he says he's very excited about this new opportunity.

This is a great move for Jatt, but he will be missed on the broadcasts. He's been a staple of the LCS for years and was a great on-air analyst. We'll still see him on stage, but his analysis will have to shine through TL's gameplay and draft now.

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