League Of Legends: Team Liquid face Visa issues for Broxah, Cain and Shernfire

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League Of Legends: Team Liquid face Visa issues for Broxah, Cain and Shernfire

Delays in processing visas for Cain, Broxah and Shernfire may affect the teams start in 2020.

Team Liquid face a battle against the clock to be ready for the 2020 LCS season after US Visa issues scuppered the team’s plans.

Three of Team Liquid’s players and staff have been caught up in the Visa problem.  With South Korean coach Jang “Cain” Nu-ri,  Australia (Malaysia born) Academy jungler Shern “Shernfire” Cherng Tai and new starting Danish jungler Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen all affected.

In a Tweet, Steve Arhancet, Co-Owner & Co-CEO of Team Liquid said: “So this sucks, there are delays processing visas for Cain, Broxah and Shernfire. We hope they all may be able to compete at the start of (the) season, but that may not happen. This has also affected our Jan team practice. We are evaluating backup options should they be required.”

In any normal scenario, a team would just bring forward the Academy player that fit the same role as Broxah. Team Liquid, however, has the issue that both the side’s jungler picks for 2020 are unable to attain a Visa.

If the issue isn’t sorted in a reasonable time frame, Team Liquid faces an awkward choice. Put another starter or Academy player into the jungle or sign a temporary/sub replacement until Broxah and Cain return.

The loss of Shernfire shouldn't be understated. Whilst not a player it’ll be a lot harder for him to implement his ideas without being with the team in person. He also won’t have any real time to bond with his players in preseason. A vital period before the hectic LCS season begins.

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Team Liquid will, of course, want to stem the bleeding before it impacts the entire split.