League Of Legends: Season 10 Caitlyn ADC Guide

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League Of Legends: Season 10 Caitlyn ADC Guide

Caitlyn, Caitlyn, Caitlyn… can anyone survive the wrath of the Sheriff of Piltover in the Bot Lane? Probably not.

With a 55% Win Rate, 28% Pick Rate, 22% Ban Rate in over 610,000 Platinum+ games, there is no other ADC who even comes close to what Caitlyn brings to the table. Oh, what's that? You think Ashe can put a stop to this Sheriff’s reign? Think again, Ashe is on the chopping block for 10.16 while Riot has not mentioned a thing about Caitlyn’s dominance over the rift.

Caitlyn ADC Overview

The Pros:

  • Strong Early
  • Zoning
  • Long Range
  • Semi-Global Ultimate
  • Objective Control
  • Crit Scaling
  • No Bad Matchups

The Cons:

  • Weak If Behind
  • Lower Teamfight DPS
  • Trap Placement Difficulty
  • Inconsistent Escape

Runes / Summoner Spells

A rune page for Caitlyn ADC with Fleet Footwork as the keystone and Sorcery tree for secondary

Fleet Footwork works well with Caitlyn’s long-range because it provides her with sustain and movement speed to drive home the aspects of her kit that are already really strong. While it might seem strange to take Presence of Mind on Caitlyn, Presence of Mind has become the standard second rune for almost all ADCS except for Aphelios who doesn’t have mana issues.  Bloodline is the standard third rune for any Infinity Edge ADC and Caitlyn finishes off the Precision Tree with Coup de Grace, but don’t be afraid to take Cut Down against tanky teams. In our secondary tree we take Nimbus Cloak and Gathering Storm, Nimbus Cloak increases our survivability and outplay while Gathering Storm provides us with late-game scaling. Runes are the usual standard ADC page with Attack Speed, Attack Damage and Armor.

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A sample build for League of Legends champion Caitlyn, showing recommended item paths and skill orders

Contrary to popular belief, the best itemization for Caitlyn at the moment is a more Attack Damage / Crit centric build with less focus on Attack Speed. The reasoning behind this is due to Caitlyn’s low base Attack Speed meaning that she receives a lot less benefit from stacking Zeal items like other ADCs. Look to build an Infinity Edge first with Berserker Greaves on the side while building into either a Storm Razer or Essence Reaver. For your third item feel free to get a Rapid Fire Cannon to finish off the synergy with Storm Razer with Caitlyn’s high base range to fully take control of a game.

Caitlyn to Victory

Early Game

Abuse your high base range and movement speed to bully your opponents out of lane. Look to always have your wave pushing and poke your opponents at tower while chipping away at tower plates to build yourself a massive lead through gold generation. Caitlyn doesn’t need kills to win games because she can pressure her opponents purely through forcing them to recall, but don’t be afraid to go for kills if you can get your opponents below half health which Caitlyn can easily do.

Mid Game

Look to rotate your lead across the map by taking down the other outer towers on the map while setting up your traps. Be careful not to overextend because it’s very easy to feel untouchable as Caitlyn leading to yourself having bad positioning and throwing games. So long as Caitlyn plays her early lane properly she is usually able to win games through pressuring objectives and never dying.

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Late Game

Caitlyn can potentially get outscaled by other ADCs who boast more team fight tools in comparison to what her kit brings to the table. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t win late-game team fights; it just means she needs to play them more creatively. Try to set-up traps before fights to force your opponents to funnel into chokepoints which will help your team create better fights for you as an ADC. So long as Caitlyn properly uses her traps she can double her late-game DPS all while sitting back and autoing from the highest base range of any ADC.

GL HF Summoners.

Statistics from lolalytics.

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