League Of Legends: Season 10 Ashe ADC Guide

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League Of Legends: Season 10 Ashe ADC Guide

Ezreal, Who? We got a new sheriff in town and it’s not Caitlyn, Ashe is the champion you want to play if you’re looking to climb.

22.4% Pick Rate, 53.05% Win Rate and 7.9% Ban Rate over 300,910 Matches in Platinum+, if this doesn’t get you as excited as your jungler stealing Baron in a 40-minute game, I don’t know what will. Ashe has amazing statistics that are backed by a massive sample size, meaning, she is the go-to champion of Patch 10.14. Let’s get ready to approach velocity and find out how you can play this champion to perfection.


The Pros:

  • Utility
  • Innate Slows
  • Long Range
  • Global Ultimate
  • Global Vision
  • Consistent Damage
  • Good Scaling

The Cons:

  • Low Burst
  • Low Mobility
  • Positioning Reliant
  • Situationally Support Dependent

Runes / Summoner Spells

A League of Legends rune page for Ashe, with the Lethal Tempo keystone and Inspiration secondary
A sample rune page for Ashe.

Lethal Tempo synergizes extremely well with Ashe’s kit. She slows her opponents and then when she’s finally in range she rushes them down with Lethal Tempo. Presence of Mind is the most meta rune out of three in the second row, due to its consistency it provides to any Mana user’s kit. She finishes off the Precision tree with Alacrity and Coup De Grace, Ashe utilizes Alacrity unlike many other ADCs because she rushes Blade of the Ruined King meaning that she has less of a need for Life Steal and can opt for the Attack Speed instead.

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Next, in the Inspiration Tree, Ashe takes Magical Footwear and Approach Velocity. Approach Velocity is the rune that makes Ashe an extremely strong pick because of how well it works with the built-in slows of her kit. With Approach Velocity so long as Ashe has equal base Movement Speed as the opponent she is chasing, she will always be able to hunt them down. Finally, Ashe utilizes the standard ADC runes of Attack Speed, Attack Damage and Armor.


A sample build and skill order for ADC Ashe
A sample Ashe build.

Ashe’s standard itemization is a Blade of the Ruined King rush into Runaan’s Hurricane to get aoe slows and damage. After the first two core items, Ashe is allowed to itemize freely depending on the team composition she is matched up against. The most important variation to note at the moment is replacing Blade of the Ruined King with Manamune, this variation is recommended when playing against squishy teams where Blade of the Ruined King’s on hit and Attack Speed would be suboptimal.

Ashe to Victory

Early Game

Utilize your range advantage and slows to zone your opponent in lane and force them to take uncomfortable trades that they are not used to taking. Continue to poke your opponents until level 6 where you should look to ult your opponents with the intention of blowing flash. After burning your opponent's flash take a recall timing and look to all-in again when your ultimate comes up for the second time around level 7 or 8.

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Mid Game

Contest objectives with Hawkshot and check bushes with Volley to make sure the Fog of War is clear while pathing through the jungle. Poke the enemy team out with Volley to set-up favorable fights and look for ultimates on to the enemy backline such as the ADC, Mid-laner or Support. However, don’t be afraid to hold your ultimate if a favorable angle doesn’t show up because a guaranteed stun later on in the fight can be just as game-changing.

Late Game

Ashe has some of the highest sustained damage in fights compared to other ADCs so don’t be afraid of a fight isn’t going your way right at the start. Take fights slowly and begin layering on the damage with Blade of the Ruined King and Runaan's Hurricane. Ashe has tons of Utility and Damage so any late-game fight is winnable so long as you’re positioning well and getting damage and slows off.

And as usual GL HF on the Rift Summoners.

Statistics from U.GG

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