Brandon Sturak
Brandon Sturak
Brandon is a writer and editor for ESTNN with a passion for esports. He writes about League of Legends and esports generally, providing analysis and commentary on both. He is a founding member of Niagara University Esports, while being the previous mid laner and Head Coach for the NU Esports LoL team as well. Twitter @GhandiLoL

League of Legends: Schalke 04 Acquire Dreams for Support Position

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Just today, ESPN reported that FC Schalke 04 is signing Han “Dreams” Min-kook for the LEC roster. He will be playing alongside FORG1VEN, who Schalke picked up after his military service.

Last year, Dreams played for SK Gaming. He made the playoffs in Spring but narrowly missed out in Summer. Before that, he played on the Team Vitality Academy roster, where he had multiple tournament victories.

On the other hand, Schalke had a rough Spring Split but made it to playoffs in Summer. They ended third place here and fought in the Gauntlet, but lost three consecutive games against Splyce.

So far, Schalke's roster is looking quite solid. They've resigned Odoamne, who was a major player last year, and now have an interesting bottom lane. It's hard to say just how well FORG1VEN and Dreams will mesh together, but they're definitely a duo to watch.

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