League of Legends: Riot Reveals Information on Pantheon Rework

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League of Legends: Riot Reveals Information on Pantheon Rework

Riot Games announced this morning that Pantheon's rework is nearly complete. In addition, “the Unbreakable Spear” will drop onto Summoner's Rift in patch 9.16. So far, most of the information given about Pantheon focuses on his looks and lore, not revealing too much about his kit, besides the ultimate.

But that's certainly not a bad thing, as in their Champion Theme video they show many of his skin redesigns that look fantastic. Old, outdated skins are being replaced with redesigns worthy of a grand warrior. His base skin even looks amazing. Pantheon is a godlike warrior, but still mortal, and his designs definitely adhere to this idea.

In their Behind the Scenes video, they did mention that they want Pantheon to feel like a “skilled warrior.” Pantheon is currently notorious for his simple kit that many find frustrating to deal with. Now, it will allow for more skill expression while keeping some key aspects of the current kit intact. For example, his map mobility and all-in potential are key areas for this consideration.

In this video, Riot Axe did show his new ultimate, Grand Starfall. It is similar to the current Grand Skyfall, but instead of simply dropping down, Pantheon drops and pushes forward. This creates an AOE zone of damage and possibly CC. Overall, it looks like a devastating way to kick off a skirmish or team fight.

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The designers for this project had an insistence on finding a balance between god and mortal with Pantheon. Through what can be seen from his skins and gameplay, they achieved this. As one of League's older champions, his rework should be well received.

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Featured image via Riot Games.

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