League of Legends Ranks Guide for 2024

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League of Legends Ranks Guide for 2024

From Iron to Challenger, we're taking a look at all League of Legends ranks, and what it takes to climb the 14.4 competitive ladder.

League of Legends stands as one of the most competitive games in the world. The Riot MOBA has stayed relevant for over a decade, earning billions while amassing a global esports following .

Millions of players around the world get matched by their skill level. And here, we're looking at the tier system that determines the best players in the world: Ranks.

League of Legends Ranks

Eligible players receive their ranks after finishing 10 placement matches, getting judged by their performance and general MMR (or “match maker rating”).

Ranks follow a system that gives 4 divisions for every competitive tier (from I-IV with IV as the lowest division). Winners in ranked are awarded “League Points” (LP) which contribute to their promotion, and you need 100 LP to reach the next division.

How many ranks are there, and what makes them unique? Is it hard to rank up in Patch 14.4? We answer all of this and more in our League of Legends ranks guide below!


League of Legends Ranks Guide for 2024

Where everyone starts out.

Starting at 0 LP, the competitive ladder starts at Iron VI, the lowest out of all League of Legends ranks.

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League of Legends Ranks Guide for 2024

The second competitive rank in League of Legends.

The latest data from Riot showed that Bronze players almost quadruple all of the players on Iron. Not only that, but estimates show that 25% of all players grinding for their League of Legends ranks are still in Bronze.


League of Legends Ranks Guide for 2024

Around 40% of League's players are found in Silver rank.

The ranked climb gets tricky from here. Known as the game's “ELO hell”, Silver has the widest variety of players in the game (for better or worse). So team up with a party before heading into a Silver lobby for proper coordination and better teamplay.


League of Legends Ranks Guide for 2024

Gold players are characterized by clear strategies, committed champ pools and smart macroplay.

This stage is where technical know-how becomes important. How fast you build cs, your ward score, objective leads, meta picks etc. come into play when you reach Gold.


League of Legends Ranks Guide for 2024

The highest rank you can get after completing your placements, only the top 7% of all players make it to Platinum.

With all of the skill and knowledge from prior tiers, Platinum players are serious contenders for high-rank ELO.


League of Legends Ranks Guide for 2024

The latest tier added to the League of Legends ranks.

Highly-committed players are found here, so expect a ton of skill disparity in-between Emerald divisions. At the same time, players who get past this rank reach high-rank elo.

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League of Legends Ranks Guide for 2024

Diamond players are highly-experienced League players who have eliminated every blunder in their playmaking. They are generally high-skilled and have the basics memorized. At the sasme time, Diamond players make extremely accurate predictions while communicating with their team constantly.

The grind to Diamond is a mixed bag due to recent item changes, but being aware of meta builds per Champion can get you there. Bloodsong Smoulder and getting first item Runaan's on Junger Shyvanna are great choices.


League of Legends Ranks Guide for 2024

The first of the three “apex tiers” among League of Legends ranks.

Masters are some of the best League of Legends players around the globe. And the devs know this. As a result, players who reach Master can only play against other Master players.


League of Legends Ranks Guide for 2024

Grandmaster puts you at the top of the food chain, since you're practically a pro. Grandmasters are highly sought-after in the esports scene.


League of Legends Ranks Guide for 2024

The best of the best.

Making up 0.019% of the entire playerbase, Challengers are the epitome of ranked play. Players mostly hail from countries in the LPL and LCK — both regions being dominant forces in LoL esports.

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