League of Legends: Perkz Returns To G2’s LEC Starting Roster

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League of Legends: Perkz Returns To G2’s LEC Starting Roster

Perkz returns in week five after a short break.

Luka “Perkz” Perković returns for week 5 of the LEC, having been replaced by Kristoffer “P1noy” Albao Lund Pedersen for week four.

The break in LEC fixtures obviously came at a good time for Perkz, having taken week four off due to stress, the LEC took a week off before week five. G2 Esports went 1-1 in the week that P1noy came in for Perkz. Picking up a victory against fourth place Misfits, but losing to Excel Esports, a shock even with the ADC change.

G2 go into the weekend of matches as favorites, even if they sit in third place. G2 will face off against second-place MAD Lions, who hold onto joint-first with Rogue at the half-way point of the split. With G2 now going into the series at full strength, they become a real threat to MAD Lions, and Origen, whom they play on Saturday.

G2 will need to pick up some wins early as the LEC returns. While there’s no real fear of them not making playoffs, a higher placing will make G2 workload a lot easier. This is especially true given the Spring Split round 1 defeat to MAD Lions.

G2’s other opponent on week five is Origen. A side that has not really hit the split running, though they have made one change to the support role in the break. Jakub “Jactroll” Skurzński has made the move from Team Vitality, with Mitchell “Destiny” Shaw moving to the bench.

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G2 lose out in the Power Rankings

In our Power Rankings, G2 dropped to second, not something we expect to be doing, but it only seemed right given the form of MAD Lions.

The second half of the split is going to depend on what G2 can turn up. If Perkz can take the break and return refreshed, then G2 will likely go on to win the Summer Split LEC title. But sleeping on MAD Lions could be a mistake for the rest of the league, and G2 might have an unexpected contender for their fourth LEC title in a row.

League of Legends: Perkz Returns To G2’s LEC Starting Roster
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