League of Legends Patch 14.7 Early Notes Are Trying to Push Sylas Back into the Jungle, Camille Out of Support

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League of Legends Patch 14.7 Early Notes Are Trying to Push Sylas Back into the Jungle, Camille Out of Support

After the lists of changes yesterday, we finally have some numbers for the buffs, nerfs and adjustments coming to League of Legends.

A new update is on the horizon! Riot Phroxzon shared the upcoming changes for Patch 14.7 for League of Legends, and there are some interesting ones! Problematic champions have been toned down a bit, while Riot is looking to shake up the professional jungle meta with some new and returning picks. However, they made a change that’s incredibly controversial – let’s take a look.

League of Legends Patch 14.7 – All the Changes

League of Legends Patch 14.7 Buffs


  • P AP Ratio: 40% >>> 45%
  • W Base DR: 20% >>> 25-45%
  • E Base Damage: 75-235 >>> 90-250

Boosting AP ratios to favor mid, strengthening passive to complement longer fight duration from the previous patch. Galio has received some changes in Patch 14.6, but the developers really want to push him back into his old role. He’s been out of the meta for a while now, so we don’t mind this at all.


  • P secondary stack: 30% of E+R >>> 90% of R (this is a 22% buff)
  • Single target shield and ms% unchanged

Separating power of R shield from E to promote supportive casting while also enhancing utility of W for more support emphasis, especially since it's easier to land in support compared to mid. While Karma has been a staple for a while, her main role was mid, but she should be back to support as well.



  • Q bonus AD ratio: .8 >>> .85

This change is only for the base and Shadow Assassin forms, as Rhaast scales differently. While Kayn has seen play, only the Blue version, while the Darkin was a bit weak.


  • Passive AP Ratio: 25% >>> 30%
  • Q AP Ratio: 60% >>> 65%

These are AP buffs leaning towards mid, with support remaining stable. Mid benefits more due to Zaz'Zaks nerf, but Lux should still remain viable, so her damage has been amped up.

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  • Passive Life Steal: 11/16/21% >>> 12/18/24%
  • Q Base Damage 30-11 >>> 40-120

Focused on empowering late-game drain tank aspect and his Q, playing Nasus should be a bit more smoother, but we don’t believe that he will become a top pick from these buffs.

Olaf (Jungle):

  • Q Monster Damage: 5-25
  • W Duration: 5 >>> 10, Mana Cost: 30 >>> 50
  • E CD Refund: 2 for monsters
  • R Mana Cost: 0 >>> 100

Olaf was a staple jungler a few metas back, and Riot wants to bring him back into the woods. While his laning was made a bit weaker due to the R and W changes, in the jungle, he will feel much better, especially with his extra damage.


  • Base Armor: 24 >>> 26
  • Q crit ratio: 30% >>> 50%

Adjustments aimed at stabilizing early game, while nudging Navori as a more competitive second slot choice over Shojin. Smolder has felt incredibly bad since his nerfs in 14.6, and while we don’t want “20-min autowin” Smolder back, he deserves some love.


  • Q Minion and Monster Damage: 40% >>> 40% for minions and 70% for monsters

Just like Olaf, Sylas was once the king of the jungle. With these direct jungle improvements, he will feel strong again without aiming to make it primary role but supporting it for players who enjoy it.

League of Legends Patch 14.7

League of Legends Patch 14.7 Nerfs


  • Base AD: 68 >>> 65

This is a direct nerf due to prolonged dominance in Elite, considering her reasonable mastery curve. However, this won’t handicap Fiora that much – this seems like a nerf that won’t really do anything.


  • P minion mod: 50% >>> 20%
  • P healing: 12-20% (linear scaling) >>> 10-20% (linear scaling)

Toning down Rek'Sai top strength, targeting sustain abuse on waves. The Queen of the Xer’Sai became a staple on the toplane (finally!) but she seemed like a new Zac with unfair scaling.

League of Legends Patch 14.7


  • All monster mods removed
  • Magic resist: 30 + 1.85 >>> 30 + 2.05

This is the change we don’t really like. Rell has been a staple pick in proplay ever since her jungle buffs, but it was fine, it gave an obscure champion a bit of versatility. While her support should be better now with the MR changes, her jungling will be missed.

Volibear (Jungle):

  • Q crits for total AD instead of total ability damage
  • R Cooldown: 140-100 >>> 160-110

Reducing R cooldown to mitigate deterministic outcomes from jungle plays, particularly in dives. His Q now should feel a bit more reliable however, as jungle Voli builds some Attack Damage with tankiness.

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League of Legends Patch 14.7 Adjustments


  • Q move speed: 30-40% >>> 30-50%
  • Q cooldown: 9-6 >>> 9-5
  • W outer cone damage: 5-7% max HP >>> 6-8% max HP
  • E Damage: 80-200 >>> 60-180

Shifting power from Support Camille to top Camille by enhancing Q rankups and reducing E max potency, alongside Bloodsong nerf. Camille Support has been one of the more interesting changes to the game lately, but her mains had a bit of an outrage (rightfully so, she has been unplayable for a while now).

League of Legends Patch 14.7


  • W damage: 60-220 + 55% >>> 60-200 + 50% AP; W heal: 55-135 + 25% >>> 55-135 + 40%
  • W bounce ratio also buffed
  • E damage: 20-80 >>> 20-60

Refocusing power into supportive aspects and reducing excessive damage output from support items and champions, aiming for gradual adjustments over time. Nami has been in a rough spot ever since her breakup with Lucian, so the developers are trying to give her a new home.

League of Legends Patch 14.7 Item Changes


  • Spellblade base AD ratio: 150% >>> 100%

Bloodsong has been a bit strong on the few users taking it, so it was time to take it down a notch.

Imperial Mandate:

  • Current-HP damage: 12% >>> 10%

Imperial Mandate has been a staple for aggressive AP supports, but it was a bit too powerful.

Statikk Shiv:

  • Price increased from 2700 >>> 2900

While Shiv hasn’t been as meta-defining as before, it was a bit too good as a first item.

Zaz’Zak's Realmspike:

  • Void Explosion damage: 20 + 20% AP + 4% target max-HP >>> 10 + 20% AP + 3% target max-HP
  • Cooldown: 8/7/6 >>> 10

Brought in line with other aggressive support items as well!

While the Rell changes are sad to say the least, the Olaf and Sylas adjustments are a welcome buff. Camille should also return to the toplane in the coming weeks. Overall, Patch 14.7 looks like it won’t shake up the meta as much as some updates before, but still have a few impactful changes.

League of Legends Patch 14.7 Early Notes Are Trying to Push Sylas Back into the Jungle, Camille Out of Support
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