League Of Legends’ Newest Webseries “Arcane” Releases New Trailer

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League Of Legends’ Newest Webseries “Arcane” Releases New Trailer

League of Legends’ Lore fans Rejoice!

The long-awaited animated Television series “Arcane” from the universe of Runeterra is coming this fall on Netflix. Today, fans got a glimpse at the streets of Piltover and Zaun.

Riot Games initially announced the Arcane webseries at their 10th-anniversary event. During it, they showcased a teaser of the work and sent most of the fanbase into a frenzy. The TV show was initially scheduled for a 2020 release. However, the pandemic delayed it further. With the showcase of the newest trailer, it looks like the show has gone gold and will be releasing this year.

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What can fans expect from the Arcan webseries?

It is no secret that despite being a games company, Riot Games have produced one of the best cinematics in the League of Legends universe. Fans have been dying to hear more from the webseries and learn about the small nuances which were often missed by the general lore of the game. The champions who are confirmed to be seen in the series are Jinx and Vi. Along with the additions of Caitlyn and Warwick.

Fans can expect an action-packed web series with an array of in-game lore information, which builds a strong bond with the players. Riot Games have one of the most profound lore in League of Legends.  This web series might be the best form of story-telling that the players wanted to experience for a very long time.

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