League of Legends: New Champion, Aphelios, Revealed

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League of Legends: New Champion, Aphelios, Revealed

Today, Riot Games announced that another new champion will be arriving in Summoner's Rift. His name is Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful. He's a marksman character with lore ties to the Solari and Mount Targon.

At this time, little is known about Aphelios. He is a marksman, but previously Riot Reav3 said that he will be a “non-traditional marksman.” His champion biography also states that  Aphelios will wield a number of different weapons as “his blades [are] now an arsenal of mystical weapons” and that he is trained as an assassin. Lastly, a previous champion roadmap claims:

“If you are up to the challenge, you too must train hard and achieve zen-like focus in order to reap the rewards.”

With this information, its clear he won't be a simplistic auto-attack oriented ADC and may resemble AD assassins, like Zed or Talon. Furthermore, he may be more like the newly released Senna or Kai'Sa, who have more dynamic kits than some other ADCs. Finally, its likely that Aphelios will require a decent amount of time to master due to high skill cap mechanics. What these mechanics are though are still a mystery.

His lore revolves around his sister, Alune, and his duty to protect Targon as part of the Lunari faith. Through a battle with the Solari, he and his sister become one and a strong force for the Lunari. With his sister's magic, Aphelios ends up becoming an assassin whose blades are imbued with strong magic power.

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League of Legends only released Senna two weeks ago. Its surprising a new champion would be announced this early, but marksman fans will surely be excited by the last two champion reveals.

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