League of Legends: Naafiri Guide

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League of Legends: Naafiri Guide

Listing the best way to play the latest Darkin champion in League of Legends : Naafiri

Assassin mains were over the moon when Riot's recent announcement for their latest champion dropped. Taking the spotlight is Naafiri, a pack of ravenous wolves possessed by a Darkin dagger who holds the same name. Together they make quite a team, combining quick and targeted with consistent bleed damage that will make your enemies nervous to share the Rift with you.

Riot games writer Kenny “Karnifexlol” Cameron shared tons of developer insight in their champion blogpost for Naafiri. To learn more about how her concept evolved alongside tanky meta champions like K'Sante, check out Riot Games' official champion insights post here.

Announced as the game's latest “assassin mid”, Nafiri specializes in whittling down opponents with her demonic skills, summoning more of her pack at the same time, a survival tactic they used to use to survive in Shurima's blistering desert before Naafiri even touched them. Closely after we got our first look, Riot seems to have dropped their official list of abilities. From first glance, there's already a lot to be excited about for the “pogchamp dogchamp”. Track down your foes with this comprehensive guide on The Hound of a Hundred Bites.

Naafiri Abilities

We Are More (Passive)

League of Legends Naafiri abilities Credit: Riot Games

Overtime, Naafiri spawns up to 2 > 3 Darkin wolves that dart towards enemy champions affected by your attacks/abilities. The passive ability summons a wolf every 30 > 15 seconds. When you hit large monsters and enemy champions with your abilities, it decreases the cooldown by 4 seconds, while killing any enemy reduces it by 0.5 seconds.

Packmates have their own health pools that are separate from Naafiri's. Additionally, they can take half damage from AOE abilities and effects once upgraded. Furthermore, they also take 50% less hurt from monsters and minions.

Darkin Daggers (Q)

League of Legends Naafiri abilities Credit: Riot Games

Naafiri throws up to 2 daggers, each one inflicting physical and bleed damage for 4 seconds, as well as bonus physical damage (based on missing health) every 0.5 seconds. if the target is already bleeding. On top of that, Naafiri also gets healed for every enemy hit. Can be recast after 0.5 seconds for no mana cost.

Darkin Dagger can pass through enemies, and summoned hounds leap towards the first target hit.

Hounds' Pursuit (W)

League of Legends Naafiri abilities Credit: Riot Games

Naafiri winds up for a short duration (0.75 seconds) before her and her packmates dash towards a target, revealing them for 1.5 seconds before crashing into the first champion hit. The W ability deals physical damage, and can be used over walls. Additionally, the range of Hounds' Pursuit increases as you rank the skill up.

League of Legends Naafiri Ragnarök

Millions of fans around the world took to online message boards to discuss and theorize on the Darkin hound's powers well beyond today's reveal, including us! Our first look at Naafiri's reveal trailer saw callbacks to the Runeterra lore, Naafiri's chance encounter with the wolf pack, references to Norse mythology and more. To see Naafiri's stylish announcement trailer, including all of the details on the champion so far, click here.

Eviscerate (E)

Icons Naafiri E

Naafiri lunges into an AOE attack which fully heals her hounds. The dash lets her spin forward a short distance before exploding in a flurry of blades for more damage. Additionally, this can also be used to jump over thin walls.

The Call of the Pack (R)

League of Legends Naafiri abilities Credit: Riot Games

Naafiri unleashes her Darkin powers and is able to summon a total of 6 dangerous packmates. Activating her ultimate ability gives her additional Attack Damage, movement speed (increases outside of combat), better vision and a shield upon attacking an enemy. Eliminating an enemy champion resets Naafiri's ultimate, restoring her packmates' HP to full, and grants the same shield again.

Unleash the Hounds of War

Most enchanters that dominate the midlane have great burst damage while also having a fair amount of mobility. Naafiri has both, and was even designed to be easy for newcomers.

Knowing that Naafiri abilities deal bleed damage, a great assassin build with anti-heal would be devastating in the right hands. And seeing how Naafiri's abilities involve a ton of bite, Bloodthirster and Black Cleaver would be an excellent sustain/engage build. Plenty of players have also noted her viability as a jungler, given that her packmates can tank jungle minion hits for her, and not to mention her speed and overall power level both give her the tools for excellent ganks.

We finally got to see Naafiri's complete kit in the PBE.


Wreck havoc and unleash the dogs of war! Naafiri joins League of Legends when patch 13.14 drops in Summoner's Rift.

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League of Legends: Naafiri Guide
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