League of Legends: Mobile Version Leaked

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League of Legends: Mobile Version Leaked

League of Legends has been one of the top games for a long time now. Players have been requesting new features for equally as long. It had gotten to the point where many of these requests were memes or jokes. However, Riot has made a habit of killing these memes in recent years. They’ve added a practice tool. They’ve made another game so now Riot Game has become Riot Games, TFT isn’t a game mode, stop lying to us Riot. But the biggest meme slain comes as a surprise. Players have been asking for League of Legends for their phones since smartphones came out, and it looks like they might soon have it.

The Signs of the Apocalypse

With a mobile version of League of Legends coming out, it’s as if the world’s ending. It’s something most fans had given up on. Most would never see it coming but, as with most things, there is a trail to be found that led to this. Riot Games has been asked to make a mobile game many times in the past by many different sources, both fans and their owner company Tencent. Regardless of who asked, they refused to budge. But more recently, in May of this year, there was a Reuters report that claimed Riot and Tencent had put the past behind them. They were working towards an app version of the game for more than a year now. This and an earlier video leak of much lower quality were pointing towards a mobile game before the latest leak.

The Latest Leak

None of these were as solid of a possibility as the latest leak. The latest leak provides a much higher quality video than the previous one. It provides a widescreen view that lets you see the different buttons and how they work. Not only that, but it looks like it would work well in practice. This level of functionality shows the effort that would go into a legitimate title instead of a fake leak. Additionally, it shows part of the game besides just in-game footage and an actor using the phone instead of just on-screen footage.

The title says it’s a film of the test version of League of Legends Mobile. It’s very likely that this footage would have been used as a source for clips that would be used in a trailer for the app. With all the evidence added up we can securely say that this leak being legitimate is very likely. LoL Mobile is set to soon dominate the App and Play stores.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t going to come until next year at the earliest. Unless Tencent or Riot has managed to get very far ahead of schedule, it reportedly won’t come in 2019. Almost 25% of PC gamers worldwide play LoL on their devices, be it their own computer or an internet café. If the mobile version of the game manages anything similar, it will be a massive success. Riot Games has gone from one game to potentially four, with TFT out, a fighting game in the works and a mobile port of LoL in the works. Riot has built itself from the company that made League to a company that’s making multiple titles from the same beautiful universe. At this rate, nobody knows what the game company will make next. Maybe a League of Legends movie or series is in our near future.

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