League of Legends: LEC Launches SuperFantasy

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League of Legends: LEC Launches SuperFantasy

The LEC has revealed its own fantasy league with LEC SuperFantasy.

The LEC SuperFantasy has officially launched ahead of the LEC Summer Split. The fantasy league will be run in partnership with LVP, the team behind the Superliga Orange Fantasy to bring fans a LEC version of the game, in which you’ll be crafting your ultimate dream teams, pocketing points, and rising up the leaderboards.

Registration will work via your Twitch of Google account. From there you’ll instantly be ready to join private lobbies and leagues with your friends. Then, users will draft their dream team, made up of one coach and five players — top, mid, jungler, bottom, and support.

Each of your chosen LEC players’ performances throughout the day will contribute towards the fantasy score of your dream team. The higher your score, the higher your ranking will be in the LEC SuperFantasy ladder. Team registration must be completed at least five minutes before the start of that day’s LEC broadcast.

There are special card types you can use to increase the number of points you earn. The higher value or the rarer a card is, the more likely it is to have slots for item cards. You can also use consumable event cards, which, like item cards, can boost the number of points awarded to particular players or even your whole roster.

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Users will be able to join up to five different lobbies. For those who won’t have friends to play with, you can join the official SuperFantasy lobby, or join the lobby of your favorite LEC side.

The LEC SuperFantasy is open now, and you best get in quick with LEC games starting this Friday.

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The League of Legends European Championship and Kit Kat Logos next to each other
The LEC partners with KitKat.

Alongside the SuperFantasy news, the LEC also announced that KitKat would become the title sponsor for the league. They were previously the pause break sponsor. As part of the new agreement, KitKat will feature on the in-game banners during the broadcast, which was recently announced by Riot Games.

Originally the deal between the LEC and KitKat was just for Spring Split. The fact the new have not just renewed, but improved on the deal going into Summer Split speaks volumes for the level of engagement the LEC is able to drive in young esports fans for brands.

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League of Legends: LEC Launches SuperFantasy
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