League of Legends: LEC Finals Set For September

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League of Legends: LEC Finals Set For September

With the final week of the LEC just days away, it’s now time to look to the finals. We now know that the LEC will end on September 5th & 6th for the Semi and Grand Finals.

In the video below, the LEC dosn’t really give much away. All we know is the date. And that “No Arena Found” means it will be played at the Berlin studio which isn’t a surprise. Originally set to happen in Malmö, Sweden; the Summer Finals might not even end up being a LAN event like the rest of the split. Hopefully, due to the reduced number of teams taking part in the Finals weekend, the Berlin studio can be used.

Currently, in China and South Korea, weekly league matches are now being played at local venues, with no crowed and reduced staffing numbers. The LEC has on-site casting and desk hosting but teams remain at their home bases in Berlin, with Origen being in Denmark. Elsewhere in the LCS, everything is being done online, with desk and hosting duties being done via a “virtual studio”. Though the LCS is using player cams in broadcast, something the LEC has not been able to do, likely due to alleged poor internet infrastructure in Berlin.

What we know so far

For the LEC, we don’t have a confirmed date for the playoff structure as of yet, however, with the Finals now having an early September date it gives the LEC 3 weeks to get playoffs out the way. The Summer Split is scheduled to have 3 rounds of matches, featuring 6 teams in a double-elimination bracket.

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The top 4 sides in the LEC will go straight into the winners’ bracket, with first-place heading directly to Worlds. The 5th and 6th placed sides will go into the losers’ bracket. The 1st seed going into playoffs will pick between the 3rd and 4th place side to face in round 1. The losers of the first winners’ bracket rounds will move into losers’ bracket, with the lower seed playing in round 2 and the higher seed going to round 3. The top 3 sides from playoffs will head to Worlds, with the 4th place LEC side heading to Worlds play-ins.

League of Legends: LEC Finals Set For September
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