League of Legends: LEC 2020 Split Finals to be hosted in Budapest & Malmö

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League of Legends: LEC 2020 Split Finals to be hosted in Budapest & Malmö

At the LEC press conference today, Head of Esports at the LEC Alberto Guerrero confirmed that Budapest, Hungary will host the Spring Finals, while Malmö, Sweden will host the Summer Finals.

All we know right now is that we’ll be heading to Budapest on April 25-26th for the Spring finals and the Malmö Arena on August 29th-30th for the Summer finals. That’s it for now, so let’s take a look at some info about the cities.

Budapest, Hungary: April 25-26th

Budapest Hungarian Parliament

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and is the 10th largest city in Europe with 1.75m residents. The largest city in Europe for context is London, with a staggering 9m residents, which is 5m more than second-place Berlin. Budapest is on the CET time zone (GMT+1).

Anyone visiting the city for the duration will be in for a treat when it comes to sightseeing with such sights as St. Stephen's Basilica, Liberty Statue, Fisherman's Bastion, Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Hungarian Parliament and Heroes' Square.

Malmö, Sweden: August 29th-30th

Oresund Bridge Malmo Sweden


Malmö is the third-largest city in Sweden and is most notable for being the major connecting point between Denmark (via Copenhagen) and Sweden. The two cities are almost intrinsically linked with people often working in one city and living in the other thanks to the ease of connecting via the Øresund bridge either via car or train.

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For those who like the see the sights, Malmö has you covered Malmö Live, Turning Torso, Emporia, Griffin Sculpture, and the above mentioned Öresund Bridge, though just make sure you have your passport handy when crossing. Malmö also has its very own esports bar in the form of Kappa Bar, which we highly recommend checking out if you attend. Ann Nyström, Destination Manager of the City of Malmö commented on the event:

“Malmö is a young and vibrant city and gaming is quickly becoming rooted in the backbone of our city. We are excited to host the LEC 2020 Summer together with Riot Games. It is an important step for us in becoming the best gaming city in Europe.”

League of Legends: LEC 2020 Split Finals to be hosted in Budapest & Malmö
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