League of Legends: Kobbe Returns to the LEC with Misfits Gaming

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League of Legends: Kobbe Returns to the LEC with Misfits Gaming

The star European AD Carry is back on home turf.

Today, Misfits Gaming revealed that Kasper “Kobbe” Kobbercup will be joining their LEC roster. This news comes shortly after Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng made the move to TSM, essentially taking the main ADC role for the team. When this move was announced, many questioned what Kobbe's fate would be. Now, we finally know.

Kobbe is a player known for his immaculate team fighting in League of Legends. He was described as “invisible” by many who watched him play this past split, but this doesn't take away from the talent he showcased in Europe. He's a great player and will be a valuable asset for Misfits Gaming.

He will be taking the spot formerly occupied Ju “Bvoy” Yeong-hoon in the bottom lane. Last split, the Misfits were a decent team, reaching playoffs and ending in fifth place. With more firepower from the bot lane, they'll be searching to break further into playoffs and make a deep run. If Kobbe regains his peak form upon returning to Europe he can certainly give them the ability to do so.

There have been many in the broader community that have questioned TSM during these two roster moves. Doublelift was a great signing of course, but some felt Kobbe was being treated unfairly. In their farewell send-off TSM explained that Kobbe wasn't as good of a fit in the bottom lane as they had hoped. But, they worked closely with Kobbe to find him a new team he was comfortable with and wanted to be with.

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Hopefully, this move works out for the best for all involved. It'll definitely be interesting to see how Kobbe performs back in the LEC.

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