League of Legends To Introduce Challenges – A New Way To Reward Players

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League of Legends To Introduce Challenges – A New Way To Reward Players

Challenges personalize rewards for players and have everything for everyone.

With Worlds coming closer, Riot Games have revealed their plans for Preseason 2022, with new additions like Challenges planned.

Unlike the daily challenge to win a match or event quests, League of Legends will have even more unique challenges tailored to each player’s playstyle. Similar to Eternals, the challenges are designed so that they will be rewarding for the player based on their personal accomplishments in the game.

With this new system in place, the developers want to provide a way to players to track their progress and feel rewarded for their time spent in League of Legends. One of the examples included a quest for an ARAM player who will complete the challenge by getting S ranks in the matches they play.

The picture also shows the friends who are also completing the challenge with you and the rewards you will get by completing the challenge. The rewards include 400 XP and 30 achievement points, which might serve a purpose that we don’t yet have in the game.

Thus, these challenges will provide tools for the developers to create different challenges for everyone according to their playstyle in the game. Challenges are scheduled to be out with the Preseason 2022; however, that is subject to change. If not in the Preseason, they will be coming out at the start of 2022.

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