League of Legends Games to Watch: March 6-10, 2019

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League of Legends Games to Watch: March 6-10, 2019

This week there will be some extremely action-packed games that will make any LoL fan jump with joy. We did our best to include a varied selection of some of the more intense regions, and after the LCS fiesta last week we hope that TL versus CLG can deliver. Without further ado, let's get into these weeks most intriguing games.


March 4th 4 AM ET FunPlus Phoenix (8-0) vs. RNG (5-2):

FunPlus Phoenix has been taking the LPL by storm. They are one of two undefeated teams left in the major regions, the other being Griffin. Their last match was a 2-1 victory over current world champions, Invictus Gaming. FunPlus has an exciting, all-out, explosive game style. RNG has a long road ahead, and with the loss of Uzi at the beginning of the split due to injury, we still need to see what a full strength RNG can accomplish.

March 10th 5 AM ET Team WE (4-4) vs. Invictus Gaming (6-3):

Invictus Gaming has been in some tough situations so far and isn't dominating the region as much as previously hoped. IG is the only team to have dropped a game to LGD (currently sitting at 1-8) and has yet to play against RNG to see if IG really does belong as the best in the world. We will be patiently awaiting the matchup between RNG and IG happening March 23rd. For now, we will see if IG can bounce back and show their intimidating world's performance in the LPL.

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March 8th 3 AM ET SKT (9-3) vs. Griffin (10-0):

SKT showed absolute domination of KingZone during last Sunday's match. Due to those games, we have hope that SKT can prove to be a challenge to the (currently) unbeatable Griffin line-up. Griffin is set to have a compelling week when they face their two closest rivals in SKT, as well as SANDBOX Gaming. This seems to be the last week that Griffin could potentially lose their current unbeaten run.

March 10th 7 AM ET SANDBOX Gaming vs. Griffin (10-0):

SANDBOX Gaming might be tied second in the standings, but they are the only that has taken off a game of Griffin throughout the spring split. Even though Griffin is without question the best team in the Korean League of Legends scene, SANDBOX will be looking to be the first team to take them down. SANDBOX has been a surprise performer throughout the split and has proven that the way league in Korea is being played needs to evolve to a new generation.


March 8th 4 PM ET Fnatic (7-7) vs. Misfits (7-7):

One of the most recent “miracle” runs we have witnessed is Cloud9 coming back from a 1-5 record to make it all the way into summer finals in 2018. Fnatic started their season in a very similar way and are currently doing something “magical.” In many ways, this is a do or die game for Fnatic as Misfits are direct contenders for one of the five remaining playoff spots. If Fnatic fails to win against Misfits, they would have an 0-2 record with both SK and Misfits meaning that a tiebreaker would not favor them. It really is the time where #EveryGameCounts.

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March 9th 6 PM ET Cloud9 (10-2) vs Team Liquid (11-1):

C9 versus Team Liquid has the playoff feeling. These two teams are currently sitting atop the standing separated only by one game. Team Liquid has already qualified for playoffs and will be looking to secure a playoff bye. Cloud9 enjoyed a series of sloppy games this weekend but are looking to make a statement as the best team of the LCS. Cloud9 require only one more win to qualify for playoffs and will be hoping for it to be against TL.

Are there any games you are looking for that we missed? Let us know via Twitter!

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