League of Legends: G2 Sweeps All-Pro Team Voting

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League of Legends: G2 Sweeps All-Pro Team Voting

All G2, All the time.

LEC League of Legends team G2 has managed to sweep the entire first-team All-Pro voting, a feat that has not been accomplished since Fnatic's famous 18-0 season in 2015.

Utter Dominance

G2 has been unstoppable over the last two splits, taking home first place in both Spring and Summer regular seasons and playoffs. Additionally, the team has added first-place trophies from MSI 2019 and helping the LEC take home the win at this year's Rift Rivals. The voting wasn't even close. Both Martin “Wunder” Hansen and Rasmus “caps” Winther received more than double the votes than their second place counterparts in the All-Pro team voting. The final results are listed below.

First Place All Pro

Martin “WUNDER” Hansen- Top, G2 Esports  – 102 Points
Marcin “JANKOS” Jankowski – Jungle, G2 Esports – 119 Points
Rasmus “CAPS” Winther – Mid, G2 Esports – 119 Points
Luka “PERKZ” Perkovic –  ADC, G2 Esports –  115 Points
Mihael “MIKYX” Mehle – SUPPORT, G2 Esports –  118 Points

Second Place All Pro

Barney “ALPHARI” Morris- Top, Origen- 48 Points
Andrei “XERXE” Dragomir – Jungle, Splyce – 67 Points
Marek “HUMANOID” Brazda – Mid, Splyce – 62 Points
Elias “UPSET” Lipp  – ADC, Schalke 04 –  51 Points
Zdravets “HYLISSANG” Iliev Galabov- Support, Fnatic – 76 Points 

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Third place AlL Pro

Gabriel “BWIPO” Rau – Top, Fnatic – 47 Points
Mads “BROXAH” Brock-Pedersen – Jungle, Fnatic- 40 Points
Tim “NEMESIS” Liposek – Mid, FNATIC – 57 Points
Martin “REKKLES” Larsson- ADC, FNATIC – 50 Points
Lee “IGNAR” Dong-Geun – Support, Schalke 04 –  33 Points

Image VIA: LEC/Riot Games

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