League of Legends: G2 Sign P1noy as ADC Sub and Finalize their LEC Roster

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League of Legends: G2 Sign P1noy as ADC Sub and Finalize their LEC Roster

G2 has finalized its 2020 LEC roster by signing ADC Kristoffer “P1noy” Pedersen as the team’s sub. P1noy returns to professional play after a five-year absence from top-tier competition.

You have to go back to 2015 when P1noy played in the LCS for Winterfox to find his last outing. He’s been busy in the years since, however. Between December 2015 and signing for G2 he’s played on or been a part of 17 teams.

P1noy joins a G2 side with no fewer than three ADC players on the books. Both Rasmus “Caps” Winther and  Luka “Perkz” Perković looking set to alternate between ADC and mid lane during the 2020 season. We don’t know how much stage time P1noy is likely to get, he may simply just be brought in to replace former sub Hampus “Promisq” Abrahamsson, who was added to the roster due to Mihael “Mikyx”  Mehle’s bad wrist injury.

Speaking during the announcement, P1noy had this to say: “Hey, P1noy here, before you question, I’m not Yasuo’s editor, it has been five years since I was in the LEC -WOW- back when it was called EU LCS. With me joining, we are now 3 Danes at G2, and as you know, Danes are the Koreans of Europe. I can’t wait to get that grand slam and be the final piece in the puzzle. Oh wait, I’m in G2 now.“

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Not much needs to be said for G2 Esports. They’ll go into the LEC split as the best squad in the region and will be expected to stroll to an easy Spring Split title. While other sides have improved, a lot remains up in the air, especially with other organizations like Fnatic making changes to both jungle and coaching and ones like Rogue and Excel having fresh rosters for 2020.

League of Legends: G2 Sign P1noy as ADC Sub and Finalize their LEC Roster
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