League of Legends: FlyQuest’s Surprising Case for Second

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League of Legends: FlyQuest’s Surprising Case for Second

An Offseason to… Forget?

As we entered this year, many of us looked to the all-star roster moves of the majority of the LCS teams with a sense of wonder and awe.

Team Liquid adding World Champion support CoreJJ. Golden Guardians adding Froggen, Olleh, and Hauntzer. Heck, even Optic Gaming brought CoreJJ’s fellow World Champion and former teammate Crown to North America. So when FlyQuest’s changes this off-season came in the middle and top lanes, people were expecting full utilization of the two import slots available. There were multiple star talents still available on the free agent market, not to mention FLY’s own former toplaner Flame.

Flame League of Legends

Fans were less than thrilled when FLY announced the addition of as-of-then relatively unproven solo queue talent in the toplane Viper. Yes, he had some stand-out performances in the Academy League last year, but the LCS main stage is a whole new kettle of fish. Additionally, while FLY was the first team to jump on the king of domestic mids Pobelter (once Liquid released him into the market), the fact that they still refused to utilize their coveted available import slots filled fans with resounding doubt.

Pobelter League of Legends

Domestic Talent To The Top (and Mid)

To say that the sololaners of “neo” FlyQuest have impressed so far would be underselling them. Quietly consistent in their own right, when they aren’t putting out carry performances they are actively facilitating the other members of this line-up.

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The Supporting Line-Up

On the topic of the other members, whilst JayJ has looked suspect at times (being caught out on Ornn more than once), he has truly developed into a promising talent. The veteran presence of former TSM players Santorin and WildTurtle certainly played a key part in this, and FlyQuest look to soar above the competition (if slightly below Liquid) for the remainder of this split.

Provided, of course, they continue on the upward trend we’ve witnessed – and don’t find themselves locked in a forty-minute stalemate against the likes of CLG again.

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