League of Legends: Faker Becomes Part Owner of T1

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League of Legends: Faker Becomes Part Owner of T1

Iconic LoL player Faker has become a part-owner of his team, T1.

Just today, T1 Entertainment and Sports announced legendary League of Legends player Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has taken part ownership of the company. Along with this is a three-year contract for Faker to stay on T1's LoL team.

As a part of the deal, Faker will take on a more serious leadership role within the organization. He will also help in their global operations. Though there are no signs of Faker slowing down, this will set him up for a career after he retires from play. He gave some thoughts on the career move too:

“I am excited to continue playing for T1 and am thankful for all the fans around the world who have supported me all these years,” said Faker. “I'm honored to become a part owner of T1 and look forward to working with the leadership team beyond my playing career.  I love this team and am proud to help mold the future of this organization.”

Formerly SK Telecom T1, the organization was founded in 2012. They host teams in nearly every major esports title. That said, their League of Legends team is perhaps the most well known. Faker joined it in 2013 and has been with the team ever since. He has a host of domestic titles as well as international ones. He's one of only two players with three World Championship titles too. He's integral to T1's overwhelming success and is synonymous with the organization now.

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With tons of accolades and fans all over the world, Faker is destined for greatness in the esports world. This will be a big step forward for both him and T1.

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