League of Legends: Excel to Make Changes to Top & Mid Lane for Summer Split

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League of Legends: Excel to Make Changes to Top & Mid Lane for Summer Split

Excel Esports looks set to shake things up for the LEC Summer Split after the side failed to make playoffs in Spring.

With Spring playoffs currently taking place in Europe, Excel has decided to take the opportunity to change up its roster for the Summer Split early. Excel will look to “make a change to our top lane and mid lane position heading into the Summer Split.” The organization said a statement earlier today.

We don’t have a clear idea as yet if top laner Ki “Expect” Dae-han and mid laner Son “Mickey” Young-min will leave the roster completely or if they’ll join the sides BT Excel Academy roster.

The move could see the current BT Excel top/mid paring of  Rosendo “Send0o” Fuentes Bóveda & Joran “Special” Scheffer join the LEC roster for the Summer Split.

One intriguing thing to note about the move lies in Expect and Mickey’s South-Korean residency; meaning Excel would now be able to utilize this to its advantage and bring in two new imports.

While it’s clear that Excel improved in the first half of 2020, recording a 7th place finish over its 9th & 10th place finishes in 2019, Excel clearing had playoffs as its goal and falling short of that mark has led the team to act quick to make a change.

No news is forthcoming about a replacement currently, with Excel stating that “more information on all of this will be shared in the near future”.

Excel field fan's questions

Excel Esports Head of Operations Grant Rousseau did partake in a short Q&A with fans after the announcement — while little details were giving, Grant did confirm that “having fallen short of our goals, the roster needed to be evaluated.” he continued by confirming that “internal reviews were run across team, staff, coaches, etc”

For now, at least, it would appear that Excel is looking to make just these two changes. Looking to gear up for Worlds qualification in the Summer Split. Getting two improvements to two major roles mid-season will, however, clearly present a number of roadblocks for the LEC side.

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League of Legends: Excel to Make Changes to Top & Mid Lane for Summer Split
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