League of Legends: Dark Passage Event Reveals New Champion “Senna”

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League of Legends: Dark Passage Event Reveals New Champion “Senna”

New Champion – Senna, the Shadow’s Embrace

League of Legends Dark Passage Senna
The new champion “Senna” is Lucian’s wife, having her soul released from Thresh’s Lantern. She will be the first (intentional) marksman support.

Previously Riot Games showed off a new event trailer focusing on the lore between Lucian and Thresh. For those who don’t know, Thresh enslaved the soul of Lucian’s wife, Senna, within his lantern. Since then, Lucian’s sole mission was to rescue her from damnation. The video showed off a simple ability in which Senna blasts Lucian with a protective shield, saving him from Thresh.

She is confirmed to be the first (intentional) marksman support coming to the game soon. Senna will be available in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) on October 29th and live servers on November 10th. With her launch in two weeks, we probably won’t get any more information on her kit until the week of her release. It is safe to assume that her ultimate ability is the very same one shown off in the trailer. A seemingly targeted (or skill shot) ability that protects an ally. Whether that protection will be a spell shield or a given shield is unknown. We’ll just have to wait and see what Riot has in store for us!

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