League of Legends: Bjergsen Extends Contract with TSM, Becomes Part Owner

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League of Legends: Bjergsen Extends Contract with TSM, Becomes Part Owner

The Washington Post reported today that Team SoloMid's (“TSM”) Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg has extended his contract with the team until 2022. The star mid-laner is also now one of the owners of the team as well. He's an iconic player within the team and North American LCS, so the move is rather sensible.

In the interview, Bjerg said “There were so many reasons that ultimately the decision to stay was an easy one.” Many of his fans may not have thought that way after TSM's rough two years. Since TL has ascended as the top dogs in the LCS, TSM has struggled. They haven't won any Finals and even missed out on attending Worlds both years.

But the team is looking to come back stronger in 2020. This extension allows them to rebuild the team around him, as he's been the rock of this team for years. No details have been announced as to what the new team will look like, but there's likely to be big changes by the 2020 Spring Split.

Fans will certainly be happy to hear this news. The organization's LCS team is in a slump, but in the capable hands of Bjerg, there's a good chance they can bounce back better than ever.

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