League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics End-of-Season Ranked Rewards Revealed

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League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics End-of-Season Ranked Rewards Revealed

Every year, Riot Games gives out special rewards to players who climb to Gold or above in their ranked ladders. After much anticipation, players who have or are about to reach that milestone know what they're going to receive.

The first, and most exciting, reward is always the Victorious skin. This year, Aatrox was chosen to join the Victorious lineup after he dominated this year's meta. This new cosmetic paints Aatrox in the classic, but still stunning, gold and white colors. His abilities have golden accents as well, adding to the feel of the skin.

victorious aatrox abilities

In addition, those who reach Gold+ in two or more ranked queues will receive a chroma for the skin. But that's not all. For those who are more inclined to Teamfight Tactics, you'll also get some loot. Unfortunately, the premier unlock is still in development. There is no official statement as to what it will be, but it is most likely a map skin. There is good news though! While this secret reward is still being created, Riot is giving out Victorious Pengu emotes with armor that corresponds to your rank. These cute little guys will hold you over until the TFT reward is released after patch 9.22!

Teamfight tactics Victorious pengu

There is yet another reward group to cover. This is for the honorable Summoner of the game with level three or higher Honor. People who meet these criteria will be awarded Honor level emotes to flash in-game.

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Honor level emotes lol

Finally, there will be exclusive merch available that is rank-specific in the Riot Games merch store at the end of the season. There aren't many details about this yet, but they did reveal that a Victorious Aatrox poster will be available for those who climbed to Gold+. Expect sweet rank-specific clothing, like hoodies and hats, to be added here!

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