David Hollingsworth
David Hollingsworth
David has written for games media outlets for the last seven years. With his first major esports role being with Esports News UK covering mostly UK League of Legends. David is also a member of the British Esports Association and is an advisor to them on World of Warcraft Esports. More recently David has worked for Esports Insider and Red Bull as an esports journalist.

League of Legends: Amazing Set to Retire, Wadid isn't Picked Up for 2020 Season

LoL Amazing Retires Wadid 2020
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Maurice "Amazing" Stuckenschneider announced on Sunday that he won’t be competing in 2020 and will instead explore other options.

Speaking on Twitter, Amazing said: “When you leave it all on the court/rift there is no point to being sad - I’m happy to have had a nice comeback to NA as a kind of send-off but I’m now preparing for the next step in my career. I have decided not to compete in 2020, and will instead go another direction.”

Amazing joined 100 Thieves in May 2019 and was a part of the team’s eighth-place finish in the Summer Split. Amazing had a much more successful time in Europe, with stints at FC Schalke 04 coming second in 2018 summer playoffs and making it to the regional finals that same year.

Kim "Wadid" Baein has been with  Flyquest since May and has announced he won’t be signing for an LEC or LCS team in 2020. Speaking on Sunday, Wadid said: “Seems like I won't be playing in LEC or LCS. Not gonna lie I'm a bit depressed now.. well I will miss everyone there!”

Wadid went on to say how he had a poor 2019 but aims to prove people wrong in 2020. He’s likely to end up in either a regional or Academy squad. Wadid was part of the 2019 G2 Esports roster that saw the team finish first in Europe and have a solid run at that year’s Worlds.

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