League of Legends 13.10 Patch Changes Revealed by Riot Dev

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League of Legends 13.10 Patch Changes Revealed by Riot Dev

We will receive a completely different League of Legends before the Summer Seasons start all around the world.

The 13.10 League of Legends Patch is almost upon us, and if you though that the item changes were the big part of the update, you thought wrong. 13.10 seems to be a massive update, as revealed by one of Riot Games’ developers, Riot Phroxzon. While only a few champions get changes, Riot will adjust almost all items in the game alongside the new ones, while also changing the Unleashed Teleport timer, giving minions some new features, changing Blast Cones, reducing the time needed for players to get the homeguard effect, and much more!

Item Changes of the League of Legends 13.10 Patch

We already went over these changes, so I’ll be very brief. Similar to tanks in the Preseason, Assassins, ADCs and Supports will get some new toys, while some Tank and Bruiser Items are also getting changes:

Marksman items:

  • Infinity Edge, Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Navori Quickblades are now Mythic Items, with adjusted numbers, passives and Mythic Passives,
  • Kraken Slayer, Galeforce and Immortal Shieldbow are no longer Mythics, losing their Mythic Passives and some numbers, but their costs were decreased
  • Statikk Shiv returns as a Legendary Item, which should put Energized builds back on the radar with the Stormrazor buffs,
  • Almost all the Marksman items were changed in some way.
  • League of Legends 13.10 Patch Statikk Shiv returns
    Source: Vandiril

Assassin items:

  • Duskblade of Draktharr now grants untargetability instead of invisibility on takedowns,
  • Prowler’s Claw is a Legendary, also losing it’s active,
  • While Youmuu’s Ghostblade has been promoted to a Mythic Item, with a new passive called Haunt.

Support items:

  • Echoes of Helia, a new Mythic Item will be added to the game, while Imperial Mandate has been demoted to Legendary,
  • A plethora of Support items has been changed, and we’ll get a new component called Lifewell Pendant.

Tank items:

  • Abyssal Mask, Force of Nature and Radiant Virtue have all been nerfed, but their costs have also been decreased.

Bruiser items:

  • Trinity Force, Sterak’s Gage, Hullbreaker and Goredrinker has been buffed,
  • Divine Sunderer has been nerfed,
  • Some component items are also changed.

If you’d like to learn more about the upcoming item changes, you can find all the information here.

Gameplay changes of the League of Legends 13.10 Patch

Now we get to the fun part. There are a number of changes coming the foundations of League of Legends, such as changes to minions, the jungle, the Turrets and even the Fountain itself, so let’s get right into it!

  • The mana regeneration of the Fountain has been increased from 2,1% maximum mana to 3,1%, which should mean that it refills in tandem with health,
    • Homeguard timer is now 14 minutes instead of 20 minutes, which should shorten the time of getting back into the action, speeding up the game.
  • The Blast Cone jungle plants are now spawning every 9-9:30 minutes instead of 5-5:30, meaning that daring escapes will be less frequent.
  • The sidelane minions will now receive increased movement speed after the first 14 minutes in a way that it will take the same time for minions in Top and Bottom to get to the middle of the lane as for the ones in Mid,
    • Minions also ignore the “Call for help” signals against enemy champions if they are targeting towers.

League of Legends 13.10 Patch Minions

  • The Turrets will take 100% base AD + 100% bonus AD + 60% AP damage from champions rather than taking either 100% bonus AD or 60% AP, whichever was the highest.
  • Teleport – or rather Unleashed Teleport is also getting changed as the upgraded version will be available from 10 minutes instead of 14, further speeding up the game.
  • The Buff Sharing mechanic should’ve arrived this patch as well, but the global Ivern Passive has been pushed down to the 13.11 Patch.

Champion Changes of the League of Legends 13.10 Patch

We also covered a part of these changes in this article, but there are some new additions – and a refresher never hurts.

  • Akshan’s Passive and Q, Kalista’s E, Kindred’s W and E and Vayne’s Q now all scale with AP to make Guinsoo’s Rageblade even more viable for these champions, as the new Mythic Item gives AP alongside the AD.
  • The Ivern mid-scope update has been delayed until Patch 13.11, alongside the Jungle Buff sharing changes, as they have an overlap in game mechanics.
  • Neeko’s mid-scope update has been deemed a success, but the Vastayan chameleon still needs some buffs:
    • Her Q’s bonus damage has been increased to 35/50/65/80/95 from 30/40/50/60/70,
    • Her W’s three-hit passive’s bonus monster damage has been increased from 50 to 75,
    • Her Ult’s AP Ratio has been increased from 100% to 120%.

Riot Games really wants to make Neeko a jungler – which they should’ve done back when The Curious Chameleon was released back in 2018. She has already been strong, fooling enemies by turning into monsters, minions or even jungle plants, but with these changes, she could see some play in pro as well.

League of Legends 13.10 Patch Neeko
Neeko will be one scary jungler

As for the Gameplay and Item changes, I just can’t wait for them to be added to the game. The Item Changes were needed, but I’m a bit afraid of ADC’s building all of the current Mythic Items in one game, also armed with the new Mythics, of which Guinsoo’s seem the most dangerous. Tanks have received some minor nerfs, which are fine, as they have been dominating in both the casual and competitive scenes. The Bruiser item buffs and nerfs are on the lighter side, but Riot Games doesn’t want to switch back to them from tanks, so that’s completely fine. Supports and Assassins are eating well next patch, but hopefully the new Prowler’s Claw won’t be too strong with its new leap passive.

The gameplay changes are also a welcome addition, as they try to eliminate downtime between things to do in the Summoner’s Rift. While the minion movement speed changes seem small, they could really shake things up in games after they are past the laning phase, as teams will get resources quicker on the sidelanes, meaning that more people could scale fast. Riot Games changed the game to be slower last year with the 12.10 patch, but now they are looking to make games quicker again – and I for one can’t wait for that.

When does the League of Legends 13.10 Patch drop?

The 13.10 Patch drops next week on May 17 at 3am PT in NA, 5am GMT on EU West, 3am CET in EUNE and 8am KR in Korea. While you wait for the new stuff to drop, don’t forget to follow the MSI on the usual platforms and read our Previews and Predictions for the matches!

League of Legends 13.10 Patch Changes Revealed by Riot Dev
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