LCS Playoff Preview: Team SoloMid vs Echo Fox

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LCS Playoff Preview: Team SoloMid vs Echo Fox

Echo Fox is looking to take down the three top teams of the LCS. Firstly they face TSM in the final quarterfinal match of the LCS playoffs. TSM wants to shake off their 2018 woes, once and for all, and have a chance to go to the finals for the first time since 2017 Summer.

Both of these teams have been running a hot-streak. Echo fox has won their last four matches (two of which were against C9 and TL). TSM has gone 11-1 in their last twelve matches. Regardless of TSM being the favorites in the match, they must learn from last years failure against Clutch Gaming and show that TSM of old is back to challenge for the throne.

The game will start at 3 pm EST and can be seen here along with all playoff matches on ESTNN TV.

Echo Fox



Top Lane: Solo

Jungle: Rush

Mid Lane: Fenix

ADC: Apollo

Support: Hakuho

Coach: Ssong

How They Got Here

Echo Fox might have started better than the Golden Guardians, but it's still more surprising that FOX made the top six. Echo Fox achieved 1-1 weeks for the first four weeks, putting them in the middle of the pack from early on. Since they went 4-4, they proceeded to go  0-6 to achieve a collective 4-10 record that could count them all but out. By the end of week seven, they were tied in last place with 100 Thieves. The road seemed bleak as they had to beat both Cloud9 and Team Liquid to have a playoff opportunity.

The fact that they are here is a miracle in itself, but they face one of the hottest teams in the LCS as they face TSM. While TSM seems like an impossible task for Fox, there is still a feeling in the air that the upset can happen. Three of Echo Fox's members were previously on the Clutch Gaming side that defeated TSM in last Spring's playoffs. Solo, Apollo, and Hakuho will want to recreate the magic and take down the old kings of NA.


Fox's playstyle has changed slightly since the beginning of the split. They want to take scaling picks that will allow Apollo and Fenix to get to a threating position in team fights. Solo usually wants a safer bruiser that can front line as well as apply pressure on the top side of the map. Since Rush decided to bench himself, due to his poor play, he has looked stellar on Jarvan and has since lowered the number of times he died per match.

Fox will have a favorable time with this playstyle against TSM, the league's slowest team, as long as they are careful throughout the early portions of the game. Something else that is key will be being able to fend off TSM's proactive plays and to make sure there are no erratic fights in/or around the Baron Pit.

Team SoloMid



Top Lane: Broken Blade

Jungle: Akaadian

Mid Lane: Bjergsen

ADC: Zven

Support: Smoothie

Coach:  Zikz

How They Got Here

TSM is coming into the playoffs with some incredible momentum. After starting the split with a lackluster 2-4 record and with many voicing their concerns on the style in which TSM was losing games. Akaadian made a memorable statement that went as follows:

“We will smurf soon

TSM wrath will be swift

All these peasants thinking we aren't good


Ever since these famous words, TSM went 11- 1 helping them finish 13-5 and securing a 3rd place seed. They were only one game off from tying Cloud9 and Team Liquid at 14-4.

They do come in as the scariest looking team, but some doubts are still lingering since what occurred last year to the organization. There is a feeling in the air that points towards TSM potentially underestimating Echo Fox and dropping the series.


TSM has been considered one of the few good early game teams. This isn't quite the case, however, as they have one of the highest average game times in the league. This does not mean that TSM is inferior to the rest of the teams in the league; it just feels that TSM is a team that attempts to finish games by the book.  TSM have shown what they can do when given all the resources as they showed against CLG in week five.

TSM has improved by being more proactive throughout the game. This improvement will help a lot to stop Rush throughout the early game. TSM has many win conditions in their repertoire. They are able to play from any of their lanes, making it difficult for teams to play against. The best way for them to be stopped is by setting their side lanes behind with jungle and mid lane pressure.

Matchup to Watch

Ssong vs Zikz

The most critical matchup for this series will be coming from the coaches. Ssong has a lot to prove considering he failed his project with TSM. Zikz will try to make a strong case for coach of the split and show that he was the right choice for the job.

The draft will not be the decider in the series, but it will be an important factor on how they establish themselves, especially within the best of five. It feels that TSM has everything to lose as they are playing an Echo Fox that successfully defeated two of the other Top 3 teams. Zikz and the rest of the coaching staff will have to put together a solid strategy for TSM to ensure victory.

What were your favorite matches of the weekend? Which of these two teams is your favorite to take a match?  Let us know via Twitter. Also, be on the lookout for previews of next week's matches.

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