LCS: Week Six Day Two Recap

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LCS: Week Six Day Two Recap

Clutch Gaming v Echo Fox

LCS week six
CG and FOX team compositions with CG Damonte center. Photo via LoL Esports.


Clutch Gaming (“CG”), after a heartbreaking loss in the first day of the LCS week six, bounced back to defeat Echo Fox (“FOX”). They did so with a high damage, triple flex composition that gave them great lane advantages. The game began slowly and the only casualties were Dragons. This changed at 12 minutes when LirA ganked top and got First Blood onto Solo. Though they lost a skirmish in the bottom river, Huni's Cassiopeia pick solo killed Solo under his own tower. He secured the First Tower bonus by himself too.

It seemed like CG flipped a switch and turned on the play-making. They used a previously slain Rift Herald to take the first middle tower and a Cloud Dragon. At 19 minutes they demonstrated how strong their unconventional composition was. They hard engaged onto FOX and slaughtered three members quickly.

A few minutes later they had complete control over the map and decided to start the Baron. FOX tried to contest the take and CG engaged another team fight. They won handily, killing four FOX members and the Baron right after. Now they had a massive gold lead and split up to push all three lanes.

The middle and bottom lanes were the main focus at first. Huni, who was alone in the bottom lane, fought off a one-versus-three and even got a kill. This allowed CG to easily push down the bottom lane towers and take the first Inhibitor. They rotated and destroyed the middle one next. After resetting, they engaged one last team fight in the top side jungle. CG, once again, dominated the fight and got a clean Ace. CG smashed FOX's base and finished their Nexus at 30 minutes..

Golden Guardians v 100 Thieves

LCS week six
GGS and 100T team compositions with 100T Ssumday center. Photo via LoL Esports.


Golden Guardians (“GGS”) defeated 100 Thieves in the second day of the LCS week six. Both teams had distinct strong points of the map, but in the end GGS played better around theirs. GGS started the game off strong, securing an early Infernal and two kills in a bottom lane dive. Froggen pushed their lead by solo killing Huhi in the mid lane, which set up another dive on Huhi later. However, Ssumday was smashing Hauntzer in the top lane. After getting one kill on him with the help of AnDa, Ssumday solo killed Hauntzer. It didn't just happen once, but multiple times over the course of the game.

GGS had to play away from the super fed Riven, but it worked out because of Froggen's Zoe poke. They secured more Dragons and towers, which gave them control over the mid game and a decent lead. That turned on its head when 100T caught out Hauntzer. After this, 100T began winning some fights and finding more picks, dragging themselves back into the game.

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But GGS wouldn't be outdone. At 35 minutes 100T tried to rush the Baron. Seeing this, GGS decided to trade it for the Elder Dragon and secured the buff easily. For some terrible reason, 100T chose to pull off the Baron and try to contest the Dragon, but they never even made it close. GGS had full tempo now. They took an uncontested Baron then began their siege. 100T looked dead in the water as GGS took structures and Inhibitors aplenty. At 41 minutes GGS took their second Elder, again uncontested. This was all they needed to kill two 100T members, push into the base and finish the Nexus at 42 minutes.

Cloud9 v Team SoloMid

LCS week six
C9 and TSM team compositions with TSM Smoothie center. Photo via LoL Esports.


Cloud9 (“C9”) pulled off an incredible come back victory over Team SoloMid (“TSM”). Though they won, they were behind for the entirety of the match. TSM started their second match of the LCS week six by securing First Blood for Bjergsen in a top lane skirmish. This led to the iconic mid laner getting the First Tower bonus to himself too. His Zoe was the focal point of the game, constantly poking C9 and finding huge picks onto key targets.

C9 showed some sign of life at 20 minutes, when they won an elongated team fight and secured a second Infernal Dragon. TSM promptly snatched control back by grouping up, taking a middle lane tower and killing Zeyzal. Later on, TSM picked off Sneaky and turned for Baron. C9 attempted to contest, but only ended up giving over four more kills. TSM used this first buff to destroy multiple towers, the middle Inhibitor and even a Nexus Tower.

C9 simply couldn't handle the Zoe-Varus poke from TSM. They constantly fell victim to picks, and when Svenskeren was killed at 36 minutes, TSM was able to kill their second Baron of the game. C9 saw an opportunity to trade it for Elder though, but did it slower than TSM did Baron. TSM made it in time to contest and stole it away from C9. Crucially, C9 won the ensuing fight two-for-zero.

At 40 minutes the game broke open. A team fight erupted from a C9 engage with devastating results. C9 won it four-for-one and saw their chance. They went full force down mid and started destroying TSM's structures. TSM couldn't respawn in time to stop C9 from stealing their win away and killing their Nexus at 41 minutes.

Team Liquid v Counter Logic Gaming

LCS week six
TL and CLG team compositions with TL Xmithie center. Photo via LoL Esports.


Team Liquid (“TL”) took a clean, confident win over Counter Logic Gaming (“CLG”) in the second day of the LCS week six. They played their typical style and choked CLG out more and more as the game went on. Despite Darshan getting First Blood onto Impact in a losing matchup, TL's early game was good. Xmithie ganked top to get a kill for his top laner, helped his team win a bottom side skirmish and dove PowerOfEvil. TL grabbed a big lead as early as 14 minutes, when Impact got the First Tower bonus top while his team slayed an Ocean Dragon.

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Darshan, as Ornn, tried to engage fights for his team but it came at a cost. Impact pushed through all three towers by 17 minutes because he was left alone. TL as a unit always pressured CLG too and they took multiple towers and Dragons by 20 minutes. Impact continued to split in the bottom lane as his team set up for Baron.

It took them a while, but at 32 minutes TL started up the Baron. They turned to take a fight and killed two CLG members. With this man advantage, TL destroyed both the top and bottom Inhibitors before the CLG members could respawn. After taking a Mountain Dragon, TL were able to quickly burn down the Baron at 35 minutes uncontested. They grouped mid and sieged as Super Minions barreled down the side lanes, and took the third Inhibitor mid. TL kept up the onslaught until CLG had to mount a desperate defense. Three CLG members dropped before TL demolished their Nexus at 38 minutes.

OpTic Gaming v FlyQuest

OPT v FLY week six day two
OPT and FLY team compositions with FLY Santorin center. Photo via LoL Esports


OpTic Gaming (“OPT”) defeated FlyQuest (“FLY”) to finish of the LCS week six. It was a long, tense game but OPT came out ahead in the end. First Blood came out for V1per when FLY three-man dove Dhokla at 3 minutes. OPT gained a lead for Arrow's Tristana when they won a skirmish in the bottom lane. This later led to them taking the First Tower bonus there as well. FLY didn't slouch though, as they won a skirmish at 19 minutes and had great side lane pressure.

The game was slow in the mid-late game, with only some smaller objectives being taken from both sides. This was until OPT started up the Elder at 37 minutes. They secured the buff and managed to escape with no deaths. FLY played the map well, out-rotating OPT with different carries to take towers while OPT went for picks.

At 39 minutes OPT decided to rush the Baron. V1per continued to split the bottom lane, so OPT had to give up their bottom Inhibitor for the Baron buff. The team fight afterwards went two-for-two.  OPT sought to take the massive second Elder Dragon buff for themselves as it spawned, while V1per still continued to split. OPT secured the buff before killing the FLY four man squad. Two OPT members backed and killed V1per, eliminating the last threat. FLY had no way to contest OPT anymore, and OPT destroyed their Nexus just before 45 minutes.

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Featured image via LoL Esports Flickr.

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